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Great service, not instant but got mine within 10 hours though YMMV. Many thanks, worked flawlessly. Only thing wasn’t sure, and not sure if it’s mentioned, is what set of numbers to use. Decided to start with the first bunch and that worked so guess that’s what supposed to do.


Well, I found them through google and had my doubts but I tried it and as they said within 24 business hours I had the code, just inserted the code into my phone when it asked and walla!

Daniel Rome

Yes it took about three hour for me to get the codes, and it worked when I entered the correct one. But it wasn’t clears which of the 5 codes to use, with me it was NCK (the top one in the list) but I don’t know if it would be the same for everyone! I think they should make it a lot more obvious what the five codes were and which one(s) to use for your phone.

Joani G

Unlock your phone and use it on any network in the world!