Unlock codes for a HTC Desire [how to]

How to unlock a HTC Desire
How to unlock a HTC Desire

There are a few reasons why you might want to obtain HTC Desire unlock codes, the first of which will be so that you can use any SIM card in your mobile at any time. Read on and we will tell you how to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Desire. This gives a certain flexibility as you will be able to use your cell on any GSM network, which is great news when you’re traveling around and perhaps don’t get good coverage on your normal network.

Another reason might be that you’re going abroad and rather than pay outrageous roaming charges, you want to use a local SIM for the duration of your trip. Additionally, if you’re thinking of selling your HTC Desire, perhaps as you’re upgrading, then an unlocked HTC Desire will return more cash than a SIM locked handset would, sometimes to the tune of as much as 300% of its worth.

Whilst many people carry the misconception that unlocking cell phones is not strictly legal, this is far from the case. It’s illegal to change the IMEI on cell phones as this is a practice carried out by criminals in order to sell on stolen phones so that they can’t be traced. In some countries this activity carries a prison sentence and it’s confusion between IMEI rebuilding and SIM unlocking that causes people to think the latter unlawful.

How to Unlock codes for a HTC Desire

Lost and stolen phones are put on a central blacklist and are hard locked by the network so that they can’t be used fraudulently. This is impossible to get around without changing the IMEI number, which is unique to every phone. SIM locks are imposed by the manufacturer in order to allow carriers to lock a cell to their service, thus ensuring they keep your business.

Whilst you may have read of complicated techniques such as ‘jailbreaking’ and ‘rooting’, it’s not necessary for you to learn how to carry these out. These techniques are used by more advanced mobile users who want to remove network branding and install additional software. For the purposes of removing a SIM lock, you don’t need them at all and are probably best ignoring altogether if you have no technical skills or knowledge.

To get a HTC Desire unlock code, you can either call your carrier and simply request one, or use an online, remote cell unlocking service. The former will be your most time consuming and expensive route and not all carriers are willing to play ball when it comes to releasing unlock codes. This is purely because they want to keep your business and if your HTC Desire is less than six months old and on contract, then many carriers will refuse to provide you with an unlock code.

Follow these steps to get a Unlock codes for a HTC Desire

There are plenty of unlock code suppliers to be found online though and as it’s a competitive field, the quality and price of services vary wildly. In order to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable and honest unlock code supplier, take the following steps:

  • Check out unlock code services on eBay – this is a great resource for discovering what previous customers have said about a supplier.
  • Avoid companies that ask you to call a number to retrieve your code, these are usually premium rate numbers which will end up costing a fortune.
  • Have a good rummage around any site that provides HTC Desire unlock codes and look for transparent contact details as well as a money-back guarantee promise.

Once you have done this and settled on a supplier, then it’s a simple case of providing your IMEI number (press *#06# on your keypad and this will be displayed on-screen), your country and the carrier you are with and paying the fee.

You will then be sent your unlock code along with simple instructions to input the code and you will be the proud owner of an unlocked HTC Desire.


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