Unlocking Codes For Phones: Inside Knowledge

There are many different manufacturers of cell phones and smartphones, as well as many different cell phone service providers or carriers. What you may not be aware of, however, is that there are also a number of different kinds of networks. In the United States, certain carriers such as Sprint use proprietary network protocols called CDMA which their phones are optimized for. Such phones cannot be used with any other network. This, however, is a rarity. Most networks use the same protocols, and phones sold by one carrier can also work on other networks.

However, since cell phones are offered at a deep discount precisely because the carrier wants to entice you into a long term service contract, the phones are sold with a SIM lock that prevents you from switching networks. You must first unlock the phone before you can use a different network.

Unlocking your phone is simple. All you have to do is find out what the phone unlock code is for your unique cell phone. To do that, you get someone to look up your phone’s IMEI number in a database of unlocking codes.

You can get free unlock phone codes from your service provider. Keep in mind that the reason the carrier-locked your phone in the first place is because they wanted to ensure they didn’t lose money. So, if your phone is brand new, or you haven’t paid some of your previous cell phone bills, or you find yourself in any other situation where the carrier is losing money on your account, they may refuse to give you the free unlock phone codes.

There is still a way to get the unlocking codes even if you can’t get them from your carrier. There are many cell phone unlocking services online. You can hire one of these services to look up the phone unlock code for your unique phone by specifying the phone’s IMEI number, as well as the manufacturer, model name or number, and your current cell phone service provider.

So how do I get an Unlocking Codes For Phones

Depending on the specific make and model of your mobile phone, you may also need to get a SIM card before you can finish unlocking your phone. The SIM card can be purchased anywhere, so long as it is not purchased from your current carrier.

One of the most common reasons for unlocking a phone is to use it to place and receive calls when travelling internationally. In that case, you’ll need an international SIM card that can be used with any GSM network. If that’s why you want to unlock your phone, use the international SIM card to perform the phone unlocking.

The exact method of removing your phone’s SIM lock varies from phone to phone, but the basic process is to activate the SIM lock by trying to use the phone with the new SIM card. When the SIM lock engages, you will have the opportunity to override it with a password that will permanently unlock the phone.

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