Unlock Codes For Motorola Cell Phones [how to]

How to get a Motorola unlock code
How to get a Motorola unlock code

Motorola makes many different kinds of cell phones and smartphones. If you include the models whose manufacture has been discontinued, but that are still being used, the number increases exponentially. You might think it was impossible to describe anything that was the same across all of those phones so just read on and we will show you how to get Unlock Codes For Motorola Cell Phones.

There is one thing that, if not identical, is still very similar across the entire product line. The method for Motorola mobile unlocking is consistent for all Motorola cell phones. Only the Motorola SIM code that is specific to each unique cell phone changes.

When it comes to unlocking phones Motorola phones are some of the simplest to unlock. When the same model phone is sold by multiple cell phone service providers, there has to be a simple way to lock the phone to whichever carrier is selling it. Therefore, Motorola manufactures the phones unlocked, and enters a simple code number to tell the phone which carrier it should be locked to. They keep these numbers in a database along with their matching unlock codes, organized by the phones’ IMEI numbers. For unlocking phones Motorola phones are searched for by their unique IMEI number and the Motorola SIM code is retrieved.

Unlocked phones stay unlocked even if Motorola updates the software in the phone. The phones remain fully covered by warranty. Not only doesn’t the unlocking process damage your phone in any way, but the value of your phone will actually increase since unlocked phones can be sold for far more than similar locked phones.

To get the unlock codes you will need someone who can search the code number database for you. Depending on your relationship with your current carrier, they may be willing to do the look up for you. Your local store front may not have the experience or access necessary, but they’ll be able to tell you who you should call or what webpage you should go to in order to contact the person who can help you.

If your relationship with your current carrier is no good, you have other options. You can locate an online service for cell phone unlocking that will do the exact same database lookup for you, except they’ll charge you for it. But you’ll get the exact same code number either way.

The other thing you’ll need to finish the Motorola mobile unlocking is a new SIM card from someone other than your current carrier.

Once you have your code and new SIM card, follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Take out your existing SIM card. Insert the new SIM card.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will request a subsidy code.

5. Enter the code you received.

When the phone accepts the code, it unlocks, and it can then be used with any GSM carrier.


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