Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Bold 2: ingenious methods

Blackberry Bold 2 unlock codes are easy to come by and you can unlock your cell no matter where you are in the world or which carrier your handset is locked to. A cell is SIM locked in order to prevent you from using the phone on a different network to the one you purchased the phone from. Getting an unlock code for your Blackberry Bold 2 is simple, completely legal and will allow you to use your cell on any network, even local carriers when abroad.

There are a few methods you can use to unlock your cell, the first is to call your carrier and ask them for an unlock code, which is unique to the phone you have. Some are more willing to do this than others and this is generally the most expensive route you can take, but it’s also the safest if you’re worried that unlocking might invalidate your warranty.

This is possible but as unlocking doesn’t damage the cell in any way when you use unlock codes, it’s not very likely.unlock codes for blackberry bold 2

The second method is to get an unlock code from your local, independent mobile repair shop; many of these provide a mobile unlocking service. However, these are not as plentiful as they used to be as the recession hit and many businesses moved online, so you may not be able to find a service in your locality.

The other option, and one we would recommend, is to obtain an unlock code online from a professional mobile unlocking service, preferably with a good reputation. Unlock codes can be found for free on the net but if you take this route be very careful that you use someone who knows what they’re doing or you could end up with a hard-locked cell phone.

Do a little reading before you settle on an unlock code supplier and make sure of the following:

  • The supplier has a good reputation online – you can find this out by visiting mobile unlock forums and review sites and even checking eBay feedback as a lot of suppliers also use the auction site.
  • You don’t have to call a number in order to receive your unlock code; these are generally premium rate numbers that will end up costing you a fortune, especially if something goes wrong.
  • The company offers a full guarantee and there are transparent contact details available on their site.
  • Write down your IMEI number correctly, then check and double-check that it’s correct so that you don’t end up being provided with the wrong unlock code.

Once you have done this, it’s just a case of supplying your IMEI, country and carrier to your unlock cell phone provider and receiving your code, which you should receive alongside full unlocking instructions. If not, use the below to enter your Blackberry Bold 2 unlock code into your device.

  1. Insert an unaccepted SIM
  2. Go to Options>Device>Advanced System Setting>SIM Card
  3. Type MEPD (you will not see the characters appear on the screen)
  4. Type MEP2 or MEP4
  5. “Enter Network/Service Provider MEP Code” will appear onscreen
  6. Enter the unlock code from your supplier
  7. Display says “code accepted”

It really is that simple and to unlock Blackberry Bold 2 phones, you don’t need any technical knowledge and you can rest assured that unlocking your phone is 100% safe and legal using these methods.

Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Bold 2