Unlock Codes For A HTC Sensation XE: A Guide

[buzz]The HTC Sensation XE runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread software. Released in 2011, it can use 4G networks, and was the world’s fastest Android-based smart phone when released. It has a touch-sensitive face, and you can download and view wide-screen movies with high fidelity audio sound and HD resolution viewing.

You might wonder: Why unlock a cell phone? Your phone is shipped with what’s called a “SIM lock”. This prevents you from using your phone with other carriers than the one from whom you bought the phone. For unlocking your cell phone, you’ll need to obtain an unlock mobile phone code that’s correct for your HTC Sensation XE. The unlock codes become available roughly six weeks after the phone is manufactured.

Unlocking your phone will not damage it. These phones are manufactured unlocked, and the carriers require that the manufacturers add a SIM lock in order to tie the phone to their service. You’re simply restoring the factory settings. This does not void your warranty, and your phone will remain unlocked even when HTC sends you updates to its software.  So, there’s no risk.

Here’s the main reason as to why unlock a cell phone: you will be able to save money when travelling. You can use your phone with a local (read: inexpensive) SIM card from a local carrier. Also, this will increase the resale value of your phone.

Call your carrier or visit their store and they’ll likely give you the unlock mobile phone code for your phone. You may need to have been a customer for a certain length of time, or meet some other criteria spelled out in their terms and conditions when they sold you the phone. Otherwise, the unlock codes for unlocking your cell phone can be purchased from third party vendors online.

You will need a SIM card associated with a phone carrier other than the one which is your current phone carrier. These are inexpensive, and can be purchased from any cell phone store.

Once you have in hand the new SIM card and the codes specific to your HTC Sensation XE, you won’t need anything else to unlock your cell phone. Simply follow this procedure:

1. Turn off your phone.

2. Extract your existing SIM card then replace it with the SIM card purchased from the local carrier you desire to use. Secure the battery cover.

3. Turn on your phone.

4. The phone will request a GSM unlock code. (Note: If this does not happen when you turn on the phone, you may need to switch your phone to GSM mode and repeat the procedure.)

5. Enter the unlock code you were provided.

That’s it! Once you’ve unlocked your phone, you can use any GSM carrier for your HTC Sensation XE.

Unlock Codes For A HTC Sensation XE:

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