Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy S: no skills required

Samsung mobile phones have traditionally been amongst the easiest to unlock on the market and the S series is no exception. The unlock code on the Galaxy S is actually built into the handset; usually unlock codes are generated by a server owned by the manufacturer and they’re unique to each phone. However, Galaxy S phones have the unlock code hidden in a .bak file on the handset, which means that you can use an app to unlock the cell.

However, the phone must first be ‘rooted’ in order for the app to work; as such, we recommend that only advanced used take this route. This is not the only way to get Samsung Galaxy S unlock codes though, there are plenty of online services that carry out mobile unlocking too.

Of course, you could just call the carrier and ask for an unlock code, although this is the most expensive route you can take. Networks provide contract cells at a subsidised cost or for free, so many carriers won’t release unlock codes until you have owned the handset for more than 6 months.

To find a reputable online cell unlocking service, carry out the following first:

  • Check out unlock code providers on eBay, this way you can look at their feedback to see what previous customers are saying about them.galaxy s unlock codes
  • Hit the mobile unlocking forums, here you will be able to find discussions on the best services and ask for advice.
  • Avoid any supply that asks you to retrieve your unlock code via a phone call; these are usually premium rate numbers that will cost you a small fortune.
  • Check that the supplier offers a money back guarantee in the event that the code doesn’t work.
  • Look for contact details on the supplier website and check that they are authentic and easy to get hold of; this will help you to avoid any scams.

Once you have done this, then it’s just a simple matter of giving your cell phone’s information to the cell unlock code supplier. Firstly, find the IMEI number of your phone by typing *#06# into the keypad; the number will be displayed on screen and should be between 15-17 digits long.

Make absolutely sure that this number is copied down correctly or you will end up with an incorrect code which, if entered repeatedly, could result in your phone being hard locked, which will render it useless.

Give the IMEI, your country and the network to which your phone is SIM locked to the supplier, pay the fee and your unlock code will either be displayed on screen or emailed to you along with instructions on how to carry out the procedure. It’s that simple!