Unlocking codes for a Storm 2 [guide to]

Unlocking Blackberry Storm 2 mobile phones is something that is relatively simple and you should have no trouble obtaining an unlock code for your cell. Traditionally, Blackberrys have been one of the more difficult handsets to unlock but this is no longer the case and you have plenty of options open to you.

Why unlock your BlackBerry Storm 2?

There are a few benefits to having your Blackberry Storm 2 unlocked, the biggest being that if you travel a lot then you can just pop a local SIM into the cell when you go abroad. This gives peace of mind that you won’t be incurring expensive roaming charges without knowing it and you can still use your phone in another country.

Further to this, an unlocked Blackberry is worth more money should you want to sell it and it does mean that you can use the phone on any network, wherever you are.

Where do I get a Blackberry Storm 2 unlock code that’s safe and would damage my phone?

There are a few routes you can take: firstly, try your local town and have a look around for an independent mobile repair shop. These often also provide a mobile unlocking service but they’re not as prolific as they used to be, mostly because of the economy and the ease of doing business online.

Another option is just to call your carrier and ask them for an unlock code. Some networks are more willing than others to do this and all of them will ask for a higher fee than if you were to use a remote, online mobile unlocking service. Networks lock your phone in the Blackberry Storm 2 unlocking network codefirst instance so that they can keep your business and when you call them, nothing about this has changed. However, in some countries the carriers are required by law to give you an unlock code, whilst in others you will have to have been on a contract for more than 6-12 months or have a PAYT handset.

Your final option is to find an unlock code for free online. Whilst this is possible, it isn’t always easy and it pays to take care as if you receive an incorrect unlock code and enter it repeatedly, this could damage your cell, rendering it useless.

I want to use an online unlock service, what now?

Firstly, it’s important to do a little reading. Whilst there are a huge amount of reputable and reliable unlock code suppliers out there, you will also come across some unscrupulous companies who are more interested in how much cash they can squeeze out of you than the service they provide.

In order to overcome this, hit the cell unlock forums and have a good ask around; you can also check out mobile unlocking companies on eBay, which is a great way to look at the feedback left by previous customers.

Unlock.my is a safe online retailer, with years of experience unlocking thousands of phones

Another thing to look out for is those companies who ask you to call a number in order to retrieve your code. These often use premium rate lines and this will be the only available contact number, which can get very, very pricey. Check that contact details for any supplier that you’re considering are transparent and easy to find, this goes a long way to suggest you’re dealing with a professional outfit.

Once you’ve settled on a supplier, it’s just a case of supplying them with your IMEI number (press *#06# on your keypad and it will be displayed on screen), your country and the network you’re on. You will then be sent your unique unlock code along with comprehensive instructions on how to enter the code and that’s it, an unlocked Blackberry Storm 2 is all yours!

Why choose unlock.my?

Choose unlock.my as your service provider because we only offer manufacturer calls. This means the court comes from your mobile phone manufacturer and is guaranteed not to damage your phone, void your warranty and will work first time.


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