Unlock Codes For A Alcatel OT 806: Here Are The Facts

The Alcatel OT 806 is part of the One Touch line of Alcatel-Lucent’s smartphones. The OT 806 contains a full QWERTY keypad, a 2-megapixel camera, and the ability to surf the web from any WiFi connection. It also lets you read and send emails from your phone.

Although the OT 806 is a GSM phone, it is shipped with a SIM lock preventing you from being able to use your phone with carriers other than the one from which you purchased it. This makes sense for the carriers since knowing you’ll be locked to their network for service allows them to offer the phone to you at a discounted price. But if you’re travelling outside of their network, you’ll need the unlock code for your phone in order to be able to use it with a local GSM network.

It is perfectly legal to be unlocking cell phones. All you are doing by entering the codes for unlocking phones is restoring your phone to the factory settings before Alcatel-Lucent SIM locked the phone for your carrier. Warranties are still valid after unlocking cell phones, and the phones remain unlocked even if Alcatel-Lucent rolls out an updated version of the software for the phones. They also have a higher resale value than phones that are still SIM locked.

Best of all, it may be possible for you to get the unlock code for your specific phone for free. Your carrier may give you the codes for unlocking phones if you call them and give them your phone details. It’s definitely worth giving your provider a call before following other avenues. If they give you the unlock code, follow their instructions to unlock the phone.

If your provider doesn’t want to give you the unlock codes, getting rid of the SIM lock is still simple to do! You just have to buy a new SIM card, easily and inexpensively available from any cell phone store, and the unlock codes for your unique phone from any of the many online vendors. The SIM card needs to be associated with a phone carrier other than the one which is your phone carrier.

Once you receive the new SIM card and unlock code, you don’t need anything else to be able to unlock your OT 806. Simply follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Remove your existing SIM card, and replace it with the new SIM card for a carrier other than the one which is your current carrier.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will ask you for your network key.

5. Simply enter the unlock code you were given.

Once you have successfully unlocked your phone, you will be able to use your OT 806 with any GSM carrier.

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    Can somebody please provide me Unlock Code for Alcatel OT-806

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    IMEI 861650010536639
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