Samsung Galaxy: Where to find unlock codes

The Samsung Galaxy has proven to be a hugely popular smartphone in all of its incarnations, ensuring that people want to hold on to the phone even when they switch providers, with the help of an unlock code.

But first a little about the cell itself: the Samsung Galaxy runs on the incredibly popular Android platform, which is now the most widely used in the world. Gadget enthusiasts the world over have enthused over the size and quality of the Samsung Galaxy screen and it was recently placed number one in Techradar’s ‘20 best mobile phones in the world today’ feature.

It’s little wonder then that those who own one of these devices would want to know where to get a Samsung Galaxy network unlock code. This is going to prove easier than first thought for most people as it seems that Samsung, in their wisdom, built an unlock code into the handset itself, you just have to know where to look.

Samsung Galaxy unlock code
Galaxy SII

The Samsung Galaxy has a powerful 1GHz processor and 4” HD Super AMOLED screen, making it a doddle to use with maps, documents and even for watching streaming content and reading eBooks.

This feature-packed handset has everything you could wish for in a smartphone as well as 1000s of apps available from Google’s App Store. To unlock the Samsung Galaxy, a procedure which will mean any SIM from any provider will then be able to be used in the phone, you have a number of options.

  • Call your phone provider and ask for a Samsung Galaxy unlock code – this is likely to cost in the region of €30.
  • Find an unlocking service online which sends a Samsung Galaxy unlock code to your mobile – this will cost anywhere from €2 – €20.
  • Access the hidden Samsung Galaxy unlock code on your device and carry out the procedure at no cost except time.

The easiest way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy of course would be option two, especially if you have the patience to spend a little time searching for a reputable unlocking service. Calling your provider may seem like the simplest solution on the surface, but this can be costly in terms of Samsung Galaxy unlock code charges and call centre/customer service number charges.

To unlock Samsung Galaxy yourself, there are a number of mobile forums available online that will take you through this, but the most comprehensive appears to be that from xdadevelopers. The xda method doesn’t involve rooting your phone but will require some hex editing or downloading a program that developers have brought out, video instructions for which can be found here – this is something that is walked through on the forum instructions.

A final option is to search the App store as there are Samsung Galaxy unlock apps now becoming available. However, it’s recommended that you take care when downloading third-party software and check permissions upon install in order to steer clear of malicious applications. Likewise, never download one of these apps from anywhere but the app store such as Chinese app selling sites.
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  1. im chasing the sim unlock code for a samsung galaxy mini on the optus australia network
    imei: 359581048209569

  2. Hey there admins. i’ve heard ur the best. can you pls give me a unlock code for samsung galaxy y (GT-s5360) with IMEI number 359961046207650 locked to smart (philippine based) badly needed pls help me out. thank you so much!

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