Unlock Codes: What Your Carrier Won’t Tell You

If you’re curious about phone unblocking, what it does, how it works, and if it’s legal, you certainly don’t want to ask your carrier about the subject.  When you use a cell phone unlock code, you may then use your phone in different areas and countries that otherwise would be restricted for you.  It sometimes allows the phone to be used with a different carrier or service provider than the one that sold you the phone.

The first question you may ask when you want to unlock my phone is if it’s legal to do this.  While cell phone companies are attempting to get laws passed restricting their use and the ability to unlock them, it is currently legal to do this.  Perhaps, in the future, remote unlocking will become illegal, but the current thinking is that if you own your phone, it’s yours to do with as you please.  This means that learning and using unlocked codes is not yet against the law.

Being able to unlock a phone on your own can be difficult: you need to know the codes that are applicable to your phone’s model and carrier and everything else.  Often it’s programmers that are able to find these unlocked codes, and then they share them others or post tutorials.  You can often find them online or contact a service that will unlock the phone for you.

You may also be able to find remote unlocking for your phone as well.  Professionals may be able to do this if you log on to their site or with a phone call.

Your cell phone unlock code should be used cautiously and you should understand how it works before you apply it.  In most cases it will simply free your phone from the restrictions placed on it by your carrier, but if you start using unknown codes on your phone will little information about what they do, you may very well delete some other type of program in your phone.  Carriers may tell you that you should never use a phone unblocking because it can damage the phone, but this is only true if you use the wrong code, so you simply need to be judicious.

Unlocking your phone can mean the freedom to use it as you wish, where you wish.  It can mean taking it anywhere without restriction and being able to add otherwise unsupported services or switch carriers with ease.  Your carrier won’t tell you these things as it means fewer charges they can put on your service, but for those who have unlocked their phones using the right codes, it’s meant being able to use those phones as they please.

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