How to unlock a HTC G2: Tips and Tricks

Lean how to find an unlocking code for your HTC G2, how to use it and how to solve any problem you may have. The T-Mobile G2 by HTC is one of the newest and fastest Android smart phones on the market, with the long awaited Android 2.2 software making this phone one of the most sought after new smart phones. It also encompasses Google Voice Actions, the Android alternative to Apple’s Siri voice request technology, allowing you to make a call, send a text, and use the internet, etc. just by speaking into the phone. It also has the best of both worlds with a 3,7” touch screen display as well as a full slide down qwerty keyboard. If all that wasn’t enough to hook you in, I am sure the HD video and 5 megapixel camera paired with the high resolution display will seal the deal.

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Where do i find an Unlocking codes for a HTC G2

Unlocking your phone will save you a stack of cash

And with the HTC G2 being made exclusively for T-Mobile, it is no wonder people are desperate to unlock the new smart phone in order to get their hands on one before their contracts are up or on a different network. And it has never been so easy, with the simple use of an unlock code and some easy to use mobile unlocking instructions.

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First you need to get your hands on an unlock code. If you have been a customer of T-Mobile’s on contract for longer than 3 months then simply phone them up and they will offer the unlock code to you for free. However if you are on a month to month contract, pay as you go, or have not been with T-Mobile for 3 months then you may have to pay a fee for the unlock code. If this fee is too much, then you could try a mobile unlocking website, or a independent mobile phone repairer or retailer. They tend to offer a very cheap unlocking service, but beware, as some may not offer a money back guarantee if the unlock doesn’t work for your phone. It is advisable to do some digging on your chosen source for the unlock code, making sure all reviews about their services are good, and no-one complains of being scammed or treated unfairly.

How do i use an Unlocking code?

Once you have your unlock code from your chosen source, its time to put it to use on your HTC G2 handset. To do this, you will first need to gather the following information, which can easily be found using Google. You will need to know your Mobile Country Code (MCC) and your Mobile Network Code (MNC).

How do I input the Unlocking code into my HTC G2?

Once you have obtained all this information, you then need to switch the phone off, and insert a sim card from any network other than T-Mobile, preferably the sim card you are planning to use with the phone once the unlock is complete.

With the new sim inserted, turn the phone back on, and you should see a message asking you to  ‘Enter Unlock Code’. Enter the unlock code you earlier obtained, and press send/enter. Then go to the ‘Main Screen Menu’ and select ‘Access APN Settings’. There will be some preset APN settings shown, but ignore these and select ‘New APN’. On ‘New APN setting’ screen you will then need to enter the ‘Mobile Country Code’ (MCC) and Mobile Network Code’ (MNC) which you retrieved earlier. Once this has been saved, your phone should be unlocked! If there are any issues please contact T-Mobile or the source for your unlock code.
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