Unlock codes for a BlackBerry Storm: where to get

There’s no mystery or difficulty surrounding finding a Blackberry Storm unlock codes and it’s something that you carry out yourself simply, inexpensively and without the need for any technical knowledge. There are plenty of misconceptions about the mobile unlocking process, such as confusion about the legality of it, but these are usually just down to a lack of education on the subject.

Is unlocking my fone legal?

Unlocking your mobile phone is 100% legal so long as you’re not attempting to unblock your cell. The difference between a SIM locked phone and a blocked phone is that the latter has usually been blocked by all networks as it’s been reported lost or stolen, or has an outstanding, unpaid contract. The only thing to add to this, is if you live in the US and purchased your phone after 26 January 2013 then it is considered illegal to unlock your phone.

Why do network operators lock their performance anyway?

SIM locks, on the other hand, are imposed on a cell at the point of manufacture on behalf of the network that is going to sell the handset. This is purely so that carriers can keep your business, although for the first six months or so it’s also because the network wants to recoup any cash they may have lost in providing a subsidised device.

In order to obtain a Blackberry Storm unlock code, you can simply ask your carrier to provide one. This is usually subject to a higher fee than you would pay for remote unlocking carried out by a professional mobile cell unlocking service and is generally only possible if you’re on PAYG or a contract that’s older than 12 months.

Don’t use a free unlock code which you may find online, because if it doesn’t work then you’re on your own

There are a few free unlock code resources to be found online, but these should only be used if you’re sure that you can trust the party that gives you a free unlock code or if you’re prepared to go ahead with no guarantee that the code will work.Blackberry Storm locking code provider

Your other options are to find a local cell phone repair shop in your area that also carries out cell unlocks, or to use on online mobile unlock service. The latter is most likely to be cheaper and has a better chance of success due to the methods used to carry out the unlocking. Stores tend to use cables to unlock mobile phones, whilst online services use servers to generate a unique code based on the IMEI number of your cell.

Only use a trusted verified supplier who will guarantee you an unlock code, which comes from your phone manufacturer, such as unlock.my

Before you begin looking for a reputable unlock service, bear the following in mind:

  • It’s as well to carry out some research into various online mobile unlock code suppliers as,calls whilst there are many decent services available, there are also plenty of unscrupulous individuals who are looking to rip you off. Do this by checking out mobile unlock forums and even eBay, as many good companies put their services on the auction site and you can check out their feedback.
  • Whilst you’re doing this, check that the company has transparent contact details so that you can call them if something goes wrong.
  • Avoid sites that ask you to call a number to retrieve your unlock code, these are often premium rate numbers and calls can get very pricey.

Unlocking your blackberry storm is straightforward, but be warned, you must follow the unlocking instructions exactly

Once you have done this and settled on a supplier, then it’s just a simple matter of supplying them with your phone’s IMEI number (press *#06# on your phone and it will be displayed on the screen), the country you’re in and the network you’re on. Then pay the fee and you will be sent your Blackberry Storm unlock code along with comprehensive instructions on how to carry out the unlocking process.

#NOTE: If your code doesn’t work on the first try, call your supplier immediately as repeated attempts to enter an incorrect code can damage your phone.

Why choose unlock.my?

Get recalled from unlock.my and you can be guaranteed that if you encounter any problems during the unlocking process. We will provide you with technical support and step-by-step instructions to help you. The other thing to put your mind at rest is our refund policy, if some reason we are unable to unlock your phone we will give you a full refund, and that’s a guarantee. Finally, we only provide unlocking code that come from your phone’s manufacturer so you can be ensured that our cause won’t damage your phone or void your warranty.

How to unlock your Blackberry storm whipped out unlocking code

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