How to unlock a HTC G2: tips and tricks

We give you insider tips and tricks on how to unlock your HTC G2. The HTC G2 handset is just a T-Mobile branded version of the HTC Hero and as such, the same approach can be taken when it comes to obtaining an unlock code. There are a couple of ways you can do this; ask your carrier (in this case T-Mobile) for an unlock code, or pay for a remote mobile unlocking service online.

Here will I get an Unlock Code for my G2

Of course, if you prefer the personal touch then it’s possible that a local, independent mobile repair shop near you also carries out a mobile unlocking service and this is a great way to protect yourself. However, a lot of these kinds of outlets are disappearing from the high street now as everyone feels the pinch from the recession.

Can I get an Unlock Code from T-Mobile, well good luck with that exercise.

The cheapest and fastest way to unlock HTC G2 phones is to use an online service; although you may think that it’s easier and faster through T-Mobile, this isn’t always the case as they would like to hold on to your business. This means that not only will they charge you more for an unlock code, but you may also find yourself passed around departments and remaining on hold for a while until you get what you want.

Buy your code from somebody you can trust

Before you pay for an unlock code, it’s worth carrying out a little research to ensure that you connect with a reputable supplier. eBay is a great resource for this; many of the mobile unlocking services sold on the site also have their own websites and by checking them out on eBay, you can get a genuine feel for what previous customer’s experiences have been.

Other resources to check out include mobile unlocking forums, review sites and advice sites; look for good and bad comments so that you know which suppliers to avoid.

Once you have obtained a code, take the following steps:

  1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card into your mobile and switch on
  2. The cell should now display a message asking for a How can I get an HTC G2 unlocking code
  3. Enter the code
  4. Reboot the mobile phone
  5. Voila! You should now have an unlocked HTC G2

It’s important that if the code doesn’t work do not enter the HTC G2 unlock code more than once as if it is entered more than three times, it can damage the phone, rendering it useless, or as much use as a pretty paperweight at least.

If the code doesn’t work first time, we recommend contacting the unlock code supplier immediately; a good service should guarantee not only that the code will work, but also that your phone remain undamaged.

Buying your code from means you are getting a professional code for your HTC G2 direct from the Manufacturer

With that in mind, it’s as well to ensure that the mobile unlocking service you use has transparent contact details on their site and are located in the same country as yourself.
Get an Unlock code for a HTC G2 here