Cell phone unlock codes; Choose your supplier carefully

When you want to unlock your cell phone and your service provider is asking for a fee of £20 but a website or independent phone store or market trader is offering the same service at less than half the price it can be tempting to try and save money by opting for the cheaper deal. But beware. There are a multitude of dodgy dealers all over the internet and market stalls, and independent high street phone stores that offer unlocking services that aren’t always value for money, and what could have started out as a saving of a few pounds could end up costing you considerably more.

One of the main dangers of using cheap websites, dodgy market stalls and independent phone stores is that there is the risk of them giving you or using the incorrect unlocking code on your cell phone, or using the incorrect unlocking software on your cell phone, and it subsequently not working, but them still charging you. Or even worse, your cell phone could end up being ‘bricked’.

‘Bricking’ is the term used for when some or all of the phones functions are blocked, and the device is quite literally rendered as useful as a brick. If the wrong unlock code or unlock software is used during the unlocking process of your cell phone it can result in the corruption of the existing software and data on your cell phone, or the unknown addition of malware, otherwise known as malicious software, that causes errors and serious damage.

Although some devices have automatic backup software and settings built in to overcome the bricking, some do not and it can be extremely costly to put straight. In some cases the bricking may even be irreversible, resulting in the need to pay for an entirely new handset.

The best way to avoid your phone being rendered as much use as a brick is to choose a trusted unlocking service. It might be worth paying the £20 that your service provider is asking, or shop around for a reputable website or independent store that offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Also look for cell phone unlocking forums with reviews of the sites and people with the same or a similar model of phone to yours who have already used the website or independent store and can guarantee it worked and they didn’t have any problems with the unlock code or service provided. This should ensure that in the event of anything going seriously wrong, or even if the unlock does not work on your phone, you will not be out of pocket or having to buy a new phone because yours has been bricked.
 Cell phone unlock codes