Cell Phone Unlocking: Why and when to do it

Have you ever wanted that new cell phone handset in a special edition but it wasn’t available on your preferred network? Or have you ever found that using your cell phone abroad can be extremely costly on your network? This can all be solved with mobile unlocking and unlock codes.

Unlocked cell phonesand mobile unlock codes are readily available and more common that people think. An unlock code for your specific mobile phone handset can be found from either your provider or on various helpful websites on the internet, along with simple step by step instructions of how to use

Cell Phone Unlocking

the unlock codes to unlock your cell phone handset.

If you are after a new handset but wish to keep your existing sim, tariff and network service provider then why not purchase a new and unlocked cell phone? It is legal and really simple to do, and unlocked cell phones can be found on eBay and other internet market places, as well as in some independent mobile phone retailers.

There are numerous benefits to unlocking your cell phone. Most mobile phone contracts with network service providers these days offer a minimum contract of 12 months, but it can be more beneficial and better value to take a contract over 18 or 24 months. In fact, most network service providers offer special deals on these longer contracts to ensure your custom for longer. However, you may not be able to get your preferred cell phone handset on the tariff you want, or may get bored of your cell phone handset before the contract period is up. But using an unlock code on a new handset, or buying a new pre-unlocked handset allows you to upgrade before your contract is up by simply transferring your sim.

Another benefit of unlocking your mobile phone is that you can save money when travelling abroad. Network service providers will usually high roaming fees when you use your mobile handset abroad, but if your phone is unlocked you can simply purchase a cheap pay-as-you-go SIM card at your destination and pay local rates, making it cheaper for you.

You may also find that a new cell phone handset has been released in another country before it is released in your country. But this issue can be easily overcome by purchasing the phone via the internet from the country of release, and simply using an unlock code to allow you to use it on your choice of network service provider. So you can have the newest mobile handset before anyone else!

Research has also found that unlocking a mobile phone handset increases the value by a huge 50%, and unlocked mobile handsets on internet market places such as eBay are more popular and are typically sold for higher prices than those that are restricted to one network.
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