Mobile Restriction codes, subsidy codes and Network unlock codes, all the same?

There is a variety of different codes used in mobile unlocking, and it can sometimes be confusing trying to find out which unlock code is the one needed for you, or whether they are all just the same. Network service providers will work with manufacturers to programme a SIM lock into the handset for a reason: because they want you to be forced to stick with their network, and so they don’t want it to be easy for you to unlock your phone. However it is pretty easy to do, and there are plenty of unlock codes to be found all over the internet to help you unlock your cell phone. But first you need to know which code you are looking for, and why that code is the best one for you. Here are the differences and benefits of the main codes used in mobile unlocking.

Unlock Code
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A network unlock code is a certain number and combination of keypad characters that when entered in the correct order will remove the SIM lock that is put on the cell phone handset by the network service provider who originally sold it. Once the appropriate instructions have been followed and the unlock code has been entered correctly, the cell phone will be unlocked and therefore you will be able to use it with any chosen network service provider sim card.

A restriction code will provide you with the same outcome as a network unlock code, in that it will remove the SIM lock placed on the handset by the original network service provider. Some professional mobile unlocking services see no real differences between the two types of code, and tend to use them alternately. The main difference between the unlock code and the restriction code is that the restriction code is made by the manufacturer of the cell phone handset and is meant for use by the network service provider.

The subsidy code is a code again brings you to the same outcome as the unlock code and restriction code, as it removes the SIM lock placed by network service providers. It varies however, and can be 8-digits long or 16 digits long dependant on the age of your mobile phone handset. In the same way as a restriction code it is created by the manufacturer of the handset for use by the network service provider.  The subsidy code can often be the unlock code needed to remove the SIM lock, or in some cases the mobile unlocking method may involve resetting the subsidy code to create a customised unlock code.
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