What Is Unlocking & How Do I Do It? (Explained For Beginners)

If you bought your iPhone from your carrier as part of a contract it’s highly likely that the phone is locked.

This means that your phone is locked to that carrier and can only be used on that network.

Carriers use network locks in order to protect their subsidy and force you to stay on that network for the duration of your contract.

So what is unlocking?

Unlocking enables you to use any SIM card on any network in your handset. So if you are not happy with your current network because of poor service, patchy coverage or expensive rates you can switch from your initial mobile provider to another network without replacing your phone.

Is Unlocking Expensive?

Unlocking your phone is like an investment, whatever you pay for unlocking now you will get back in the value of your phone when you sell or trade it in.

What is a SIM Lock

When you purchase a mobile phone, a network carrier includes a SIM, this is a chip in your handset that identifies you to the network provider.

Most network carriers put “locks” on mobile phones so that the user can only use their specific SIM card.

You cannot take advantage of better rates from other providers, plus a locked phone is subject to roaming charges.

The reason a network carrier locks the phone is to ensure that you use their network at their rates.

If you try to use an alternative SIM card in a locked phone, you will receive an error message, such as “SIM Card Not Accepted.”

Mobile Unlocking Options

In the early days of unlocking, very few unlock code options were available, and most unlocking tended to be done using software and files that you uploaded to your phone.

Sometimes this was a straightforward and easy process, however, for some mobile phones this could only really be done by professionals as it was too complicated and in some cases, there was a risk of damaging the mobile phone while trying to unlock it.

Nowadays though, this is a totally different situation, not only are more unlock codes available and for very many more phone models, but the software is so advanced that even a child could use it.

The easiest method of unlocking a handset is by code unlocking.

This requires a number of details about the handset, including:

  • IMEI for the phone (this is a unique 15 digit number each phone has)
  • Handset make and model
  • Network
  • Country

These details are used by UnlockPhone.codes to generate your unlocking code, which is sent to you by email along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use it.

Once you have keyed the unlock code into your phone, any existing phone restrictions are removed.

So what is Unlocking, the Benefits?

There are many benefits to unlocking your phone primarily:- Ability to use ANY SIM card on ANY network.

You can choose the network operator who is offering the cheapest tariffs or best service package, without purchasing a new phone.

Save money on phone calls and texts when traveling abroad.

An unlocked phone will enable you to use the SIM cards of network operators in other countries, so you won’t incur high roaming charges.

The mobile phone value is worth up to 300% more than a locked one.

It’s easier to sell an unlocked phone as it’s far more appealing to potential buyers.

Cell phone unlocking pays for itself

If you have an iPhone 6, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One or any other type of phone for that matter, you may be considering unlocking it, in which case, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to a good return on investment, there are few things that yield a better return than paying to have your phone unlocked.

The only rules you have to follow are that the handset must have been purchased in the US before 26th January 2013 and the phone must not be barred.

Assuming your handset is neither, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that it is cheap, perfectly legal and it won’t do any harm to your phone, regardless of anything you may have heard to the contrary.

Freedom to choose your carrier

Once unlocked you will no longer be tied down to one carrier or another and as such, you can change your tariff if you are not happy with your current one.

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a phone with one provider only to find out that there is a package that is more suited to your needs with another provider.

If you have a contract that is coming to an end, you can now change provider without ever having to worry about buying a new phone.

If you have become attached to your present handset, you can keep it as long as the phone lasts.

If you are traveling abroad, you will be free to put a local pre-paid SIM inside your phone as well, saving you the worry of a huge bill when you return home through extortionate background data charges.

Better resale value Even selling your phone should have its advantages. Consider this, when you look for a second-hand phone yourself, are you more likely to go for a locked or unlocked phone?

What’s more, would you be prepared to pay a bit more for an unlocked phone?

Of course, you would, and you will no doubt find others are the same, should you come to sell it at some point in the future.

Unlocking your mobile phone

By following these very simple instructions your phone will be unlocked and at last, you can take full advantage of the wide variety of financial benefits that await.

  • Enter this code into your keypad *#06#
  • Assuming you have done this correctly, you will now see the IMEI number on the display in front of you. It’s around 15 to 17 digits number and should be easy to spot.
  • Make a note of the IMEI number as you will need it for unlocking your phone. (Each number is unique so ensure you note it down accurately).
  • Forward the code to us, complete with the make and model of your phone and your current e-mail address.
  • We will then forward you very simple instructions on how to unlock your phone and that is all there is to it.