Unlocking a Motorola cell phone: insider information

motorola unlock codes
motorola unlock codes

Getting an unlock called for your Motorola mobile phone is not really such a difficult task, as we will reveal in this article. Motorola are a popular and long standing cell phone and smartphone manufacturer with a wide range of offerings both past and present in the mobile phone technology world,  when Unlocking a Motorola cell phone follow these steps.

Motorola, Inc. was an American company who specialised  in telecommunication on a multinational scale, and were originally based in Schaumburg, Illinois. However, when the company lost $4.3 billion between 2007 and 2009, they decided to split into two separate, publicly owned companies called Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. Before the split, Motorola, Inc. designed and distributed wireless network infrastructure equipment,  including base stations for cellular transmission as well as signal amplifiers. They also sold broadcast network products such as set-top boxes for homes, digital video recorders, video broadcasting network equipment, computer telephony, and HD television.

Motorola’s mobile cell phone division was a pioneer in cellular telephones. It created the “flip phone” and the “clam phone”  in the mid 90s. It catapulted itself back into the market during the mid-2000s with the innovative RAZR; but unfortunately sales slowed again and its grip on the market failed towards the end of the decade. In recent years it has made another come back with smartphones using the open source Android operating system from Google.

When Unlocking a Motorola cell phone follow these easy steps

One thing that doesn’t differ between models is the SIM lock placed on them to prevent people from using it on any network but the one they purchased it on. This placed on at the time of manufacturing by Motorola, who also create an unlock code for the fast and easy removal of the lock. Using an unlock code on your mobile cell phone is neither expensive nor illegal, and actually has many benefits. Once your mobile phone handset has been unlocked using the unlock code, you will be able to choose the best deal from a network you prefer, avoid roaming charges while abroad by using a cheap pay as you go SIM card from a local network whilst in another country, and when you decide its time to upgrade your handset, you will be able to resell the handset at an increased value of up to 50% due to the unlock.

You can depend on unlock.my because our codes only come from the phone manufacturer so you can trust them not to damage your phone or in anyway impact your warranty

To get this unlock code, you should first ask your network service provider, as they will offer the code for free to long standing customers, and will often unlock the phone in store for you. If they don’t want to help, you could try using a third party vendor. They operate mainly over the internet and they buy unlock codes in bulk to then sell on to people who can’t get one through their network.

You will also need to buy a SIM card that is not currently accepted in the handset. Once you have the new SIM and unlock code, follow these steps:

1. Replace the old SIM card in your phone with the new one and switch the phone on.

2. You will see a message similar to ‘Enter Subsidy Code’.

3. Enter the unlock code you earlier obtained.

Your Motorola cell phone is now unlocked!