Unlocking Motorola Phones: innovative approach

Unlocking Motorola Phones
Unlocking Motorola Phones


Motorola are a popular and long standing cell phone and smartphone manufacturer with a wide range of offerings both past and present in the mobile phone technology world, when Unlocking Motorola Phones follow these steps.

Motorola, Inc. was once an American based company who specialised  on a multinational scale in telecommunications. They were  based in Schaumburg, Illinois. However, when Motorola Inc lost $4.3 billion between the years of 2007 and 2009, they then divided into Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, two independent public companies. Before they were forced to divide, Motorola, Inc. created and distributed wireless network infrastructure equipment,  including base stations for cellular transmission as well as signal amplifiers. They also sold broadcast network products such as set-top boxes for homes, digital video recorders, video broadcasting network equipment, computer telephony, and HD television.

Motorola’s mobile cell phone division was a pioneer in cellular telephones. They created “flip phone” and the “clam phone”  in the mid 90s, something never before seen until that point. They then made a bid to get back into the market during the mid-2000s with the innovative RAZR model, a slim flip design with a front facing camera; but unfortunately this was not enough, and their grip on the market failed towards the end of the decade. In recent years it has made another come back with smartphones using the open source Android operating system from Google.

When Unlocking Motorola Phones follow these steps

One thing that doesn’t change throughout the history and ranges of Motorola mobile phones is the SIM lock they place on their handsets at the request of many networks they distribute to. This restricts the handset to use with only a SIM card provided by the network it is shipped on. But this lock is easy and legally removable with the use of an unlock code and a new SIM card that is not on the network that the handset is locked to.

You can usually obtain the unlock code you need from your current network service provider, and if you have been with them a while then they will usually offer it to you for free. You can also ask in store about unlocking and they can do the unlock for you there and then at no extra cost.

If your network service provider proves to be less than helpful on this front, then you can always go through an independent reseller. These are websites that buy and sell unlock codes to help people who can’t obtain one through their network service provider, and are usually very cheap and helpful.

Once you have a new SIM card and unlock code, its time to unlock your handset:

1. Insert the new SIM into your handset and switch it on.

2. You should receive a message similar to ‘Enter Subsidy Code’.

3. Enter the unlock code.

Once the code is entered, your handset is unlocked!