How to unlock a Motorola Defy/MB525: [all about]

If you want to switch operators you may need to figure out how to unlock a Motorola Defy/MB525.  The Motorola Defy, also known as the Motorola MB525, is Motorola’s ‘life-proof’ addition to the Android smart phone market. It is dustproof, scratch and water resistant, meaning it can withstand the toils of day to day life, no matter how rough things get! It also hosts the popular Android software, and with instant access to the Android market and 1000’s of boredom beating apps, as well as Flash support so you can browse loads more websites and a 5 mega pixel camera with flash, it will keep you entertained no matter what. And when it comes to staying in touch, the Crystal Talk feature will help you hear things and be heard clearer as it amplifies voices and filters out background noise no matter where you are.

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How to get an Unlock code for Motorola Defy/MB525

Unlocking your Motorola Defy/MB525 will increase its resale value

So with all these cracking features, it is no wonder everyone wants to get their hands on the Motorola Defy/MB525, no matter what their network or whether they have finished their contract or not. It is a well known fact that it can be cheaper to purchase a handset that is locked to one network, as unlocking the phone increases its value, and it may be a lot cheaper on a network that you are not currently on. That is where mobile unlocking comes in, and with the use of an unlock code and some simple cell unlocking instructions, it has never been easier to do it yourself from the comfort of your own home at little or no extra cost.

So first things first, you need to get your hands on the unlock code specially made for your handset. There are various ways to obtain this code, the easiest and safest being through the network service provider that the phone is locked to. Dependent on the provider, they may offer you the unlock code at no cost, but in some cases they may ask you to pay an admin fee, which can amount to up to £20. If this fee seems a little steep, you could always try an independent mobile unlocking service, which can be found on most high streets and mobile unlocking websites. They tend to charge a small fee for their services, but beware, as some do not carry a money back guarantee if the unlock code doesn’t work.

So How to unlock a Motorola Defy/MB525?

Once you have your code, you then need to use it on your handset. To do so you will need to insert an unaccepted sim card into the phone, i.e. one that is not on the network that the phone is locked to. Then switch the phone back on, and you should be met with a message similar to ‘enter subsidy code’. You should now enter the unlock code you earlier obtained, and once it is accepted the phone is unlocked! If there are any issues, or the code is not accepted, contact either the network service provider or the source you obtained the unlock code from.