Mobile Cell Phone Unlocking (5-minute Overview)

The benefits of mobile unlocking are numerous; not only can it actually increase the value of the handset, it means two SIMS can be used at once and mobile roaming charges abroad can be better controlled and data accessed.

I’m happy with my service provider, why unlock?

If you have a contract phone and are completely happy with your carrier, then you may think that there is little need to use an unlock code to carry out mobile unlocking. However, there remain benefits for every user.

For example, research has shown that an unlocked cell will fetch up to 50% more if sold on eBay. This is because it reduces the trouble that a purchaser has to go through once they have the mobile they want and saves having to unlock for use with another carrier.

Additionally, it gives the buyer a sense of security in that they know they are buying a handset that hasn’t been blocked in some way (blocking occurs when a phone is reported lost or stolen or when a bill has been left unpaid).

Mobile unlocking also has the benefit of allowing you to use your phone abroad without expensive roaming charges. Simply by using an unlock code before a trip overseas, you can then insert a local SIM purchased in your destination country and use local data rates and call charges.

Stay with supplier, change handset

Another benefit to mobile unlocking is that it allows you to change the handset before the contracted date of upgrade.

You can either purchase an unlocked mobile or buy one that is locked and then input an unlock code. This is ideal for those looking for a bargain; unlock codes are cheap or free online, depending on how much time you want to devote to researching mobile unlocking companies.

In general, unlock codes range in price from around $1.50/€2.00 to $15.00/€20.00 – it’s wise to read testimonials and reviews for several mobile unlocking services before going ahead and purchasing an unlock code.

Also bear in mind that an unlock code can’t be inputted to a phone more than three times or you will end up with a fancy paperweight, if the unlock code doesn’t work on the first try, get in touch with the supplier immediately.

So an unlock code can damage my phone?

No; all mobiles have a built in security feature to protect in the event of theft. Mobile unlocking always works as phones are designed with an unlock feature integrated into the mobile software, it’s just wise to know you’re dealing with a reputable company when looking for an unlock code.

Often it may appear that an unlock code hasn’t worked, as the phone still boots up with the original supplier logos and data settings.

This is normal and doesn’t mean that mobile unlocking hasn’t worked, just that the software hasn’t been altered – in order to get rid of this, you will need to ‘flash’ the phone’s hardware using a special piece of software.

However, this is unnecessary as the logos are at worst irritating and data settings are available with whichever SIM you put in.

There’s no risk to mobile unlocking and plenty of benefits, it’s not so much a question of why would you unlock your cell phone as why wouldn’t you.

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  1. I Have a sony experia s lt26i can you unlock this? have tried a few other websites but they say they cant get it.

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