How to Unlock Cell Phones with a Code

I was surprised to see how easy it is to unlock my cell phone with a mobile phone code. My phone is an AT&T Samsung SGH model, and here are the steps I followed to unlock my phone:

  • Once I switched on my phone with my new SIM card I got the message “Invalid SIM Card Network Lock”
  • Then I simply turned my phone off and removed the new SIM card
  •  You don’t have to close the phone, but simply turn the phone back on and then type in the unlock code hit the enter button and my phone is unlocked

This is normally the best way to even unlock a Nokia N76 cell phone. Another important point to remember is to type the unlock code exactly as it is given to you as there is no room for mistakes here. Rather take your time and do it slowly to make sure you get it right first time round. Not all cell phones operate the same way. So, it is best to first get the instructions for you particular model.
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  1. Instead of going through the hassle of doing this, why not just have you phone unlocked. Besides, it is legal as well as easy, even though some service providers would like you to believe that it is not. The do not want to lose your custom, but would much rather receive your monthly contribution to keep their business going. But you have all the right in the world to have you phone unlocked if you so wish.

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  2. When traveling you will end up saving a lot of money by having your phone unlocked. Just by switching your service provider it will enable you to spend money on useful features instead of footing the bill for expensive roaming charges and international rates if you were to stay with the same mobile network.

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    Hello, certainly, we can unlock that mobile phone, simply place an order here and we will get your restriction code for your in sometimes as little as 10 minutes.

  3. Only GSM based cell phones can be unblocked as they have SIM cards. Mobile providers such as T-Mobile, Cingular or AT&T based in the US carry GSM based phones. So, if you are serious to unlock your cell phone, you may have to do business with one the these carriers.

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