What Do Unlock Codes Do?

It is interesting to see how your cell phone unlock using the unlock codes. This is how it works:

  •  Unlock codes are generally generated by what we call an algorithm that takes the IMEI of your specific mobile device as well as the carrier information. Then it creates the unlock code that is specifically related to the locked phone of your carrier. The codes are generated by the carrier that uses the software from the hardware vendors.
  •  Third party unlocks are generally generated by special software that has unlocked the algorithm for family of devices. Therefore, you have to provide your carrier network, phone model and IMEI to the unlockers. This information gets entered into the software which then generate the same unlock code generated by your carrier.

You can unlock your locked phone using online software that is either paid or unpaid and available for specific phones or carriers only. The advantage in having an unlocked cell phone is that you can travel anywhere in the world without needing to purchase an additional cell phone.

Getting you cell phone unlocked is really easy when doing it online as you simply choose your brand, then fill out the form and check out. You will receive your unlocked codes with detailed instructions on how to use unlock your phone, and for those who are really not comfortable in doing this themselves, there is always the option of remote unlocking.

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