How to unlock a BlackBerry Storm [how to]

We take the mystery out of how to unlock a BlackBerry storm. We sure you where to get as reliable and safe unlocking code that won’t damage your phone and also how to use that code. The Blackberry Storm is the original touch screen based offering from the popular smart phone manufacturers, and boasts a huge 480 x 360 colour touch screen display, expandable memory capabilities with the addition of a micro SD memory card, and roaming support. It is definitely attractive to the touch screen lovers who want to give Blackberry a whirl.

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how to unlock BlackBerry storm

How to unlock a BlackBerry storm, no technical knowledge needed

So it’s not surprising, with Blackberry’s known frequent update history, and new versions always on the horizon, that people are desperate to get their hands on the latest versions from their favourite manufacturer well before their contract has come to an end. And getting the latest version on any network has never been easier with the aid of an unlock code and some simple unlocking instructions, provided in this article.

If you approach your network operator for an unlocking called then be prepared to wait and pay a lot of money

First things first, you need to get your hands the correct unlock code for your Blackberry. This can be done easily and safely by contacting your network service provider, and if you have been with the network for a long time they will often offer the unlock code to you at no cost. However, in some cases they may want to charge up to £20 for the unlock code. If you don’t want to pay this fee then there are various other options, but be warned, they do come at a risk. Many websites and independent mobile repairers offer forms of cell phone unlocking service, often at less than £20. But like in many other industries there is room for con artists to operate, so it is important you do some research into your chosen source before handing over any money or details. Make sure other people have used the service and have been happy with the results, and be sure the service comes with a money back guarantee if anything should go wrong.

If you find an unlocking called online, that’s very cheap, then you can be almost guaranteed that it’s a scam

Once you have obtained an unlock code from a reliable source, its time to use it on your Storm handset. To do this, first insert an unaccepted sim card into the device, and go to the ‘Manage Connections’ menu, often found in the ‘Settings menu’ of Blackberry devices. Select ‘Turn All Connections Off’. Then go to the ‘Options’ menu and select ‘Advanced Options’. Then select ‘SIM Card’. only offers manufacturer calls which are guaranteed to work first time and won’t damage your phone or void your warranty

Then hold the phone at a horizontal angle and press the Blackberry menu button and select ‘Show Keyboard’. Type ‘MEPD’. The letters will not show on screen, but should pull up a personalisation screen, which will show 5 locks such as network, service provider, etc. Type ‘MEP2′. This should prompt you to input the unlock code and confirm. Once entered you should be shown a message similar to ‘Code Accepted’. Then reboot the handset by removing and replacing the battery pack, and when the device is fully rebooted go to the ‘Manage Connections’ menu, and select ‘Restore Connections’. The device should now be unlocked. If there are any issues please contact your unlock code source or network service provider. only offers permanent, reliable manufacturer records, we are so confident we can unlock your phone that we give a 100% refund guarantee if we are unable to unlock your phone