Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy 5: [How to video]

The Samsung Galaxy 5 is one of Samsung’s budget smartphone offerings, with the same web browsing and app capabilities as its more high end Galaxy siblings thanks to the Google Android 2.1 operating system. The Galaxy 5 is Samsung’s way of allowing people on a budget access to the praised Android smartphone generation. This article will tell you how to get an unlock codes for a a Samsung Galaxy 5 mobile.

So it comes as no great surprise you may want to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy 5 on any network, and possibly before your contract is up. The great thing is, contrary to popular belief, mobile phone unlocking is easy, cheap, fast, and most importantly widely accepted, and not illegal as many believe! To unlock a Samsung cell phone, you simply need to get hold of the UNIQUE unlock code for the handset’s specific serial number, known as the IMEI number. If you were to try and use an unlock code that worked on a different handset you run the risk of causing damage to the phone, so it’s best to seek out and pay a small price for the correct unlock code from a reputable source.

Where will I get a Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy 5

Because these are independent and often unheard of businesses, its best to do a quick background check, make sure someone else with your phone model has tried and tested their services before, and can guarantee they were 100% happy with the results! Also make sure the service comes with a 100% money back guarantee in the event of problems occurring to ensure they will not turn you away with a bricked phone if the wrong code is provided!

If you choose to go down a cheaper route, then there are plenty of websites and independent mobile unlocking services up and down the country’s high streets that can help, but caution should be taken when handing over money for an unlock code from these. First check they offer some form of ‘money back guarantee’ should anything go wrong, as from time to time this can happen, for instance if they give you the wrong unlock code it could ‘brick’ the phone. Also do a little digging into the company’s history, make sure they have satisfied customers who have tried the service they provide, there is bound to be another HTC Sensation user who has tried it, and they can say if the unlock code worked and if they were helpful or not.

How do I use my Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy 5

Once you have the unlock code, simply purchase a cheap SIM card that is provided by any network that the phone is not currently locked to. Insert the SIM card into the handset, and you are ready to unlock the phone. Switch the phone back on, and it should ask for something similar to a ‘password’ or ‘code’ of some kind, which means its time to input the code you earlier obtained. Once the code is entered, if it is correct then your Samsung Galaxy 5 handset is unlocked! If there are any problems, contact your network service provider or the source for the unlock code. So that’s how to get your Unlock codes for a Samsung Galaxy 5.


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