Cell Phone Unlocking (Why & When To Do It?)

Looking to unlock your phone need to find out what Cell Phone Unlocking is all about?

In some countries like the Philippines, cellular phones and mobile devices are pawnable items used for loans. 

But here’s the glitch, pawnshops will ask you one question and that will determine if the pawnbroker is interested. 

That question is, “Did you unlock your cell phone already?” 

Pawnshops want to know if they can sell these phones if you default on your payments, and unlocked phones are much more desirable.

Works for the life of the phone.

Some people consider mobile phone unlocking a necessity, and there are varied reasons why people do it. 

Unlocking is done by using the unlock code given by the service provider or through the use of software installed through a computer connected to the phone handset. 

In third-world countries, there are plenty of cell phone repair shops that offer mobile unlocking services.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Cell Phone

Other than having the unit accepted as collateral when getting a pawn loan, there are additional benefits if you unlock your cell phone code to release it from being locked to a service provider.

Ability to use other SIMs 

People want to stay connected at all times. 

SIM locking prevents them from using another network SIM and cannot make a call or send messages.  

Mobile unlocking allows them to use other network services via prepaid mode. 

You can also use your mobile devices even when you are roaming around the globe by virtue of unlocking your phone.

Cheaper rates 

The sad thing about your phone’s SIM being locked within your network is that you have to pay more when you connect with somebody who is subscribed to a different network. 

When you unlock your cell phone, you can buy a separate SIM from other networks and use it to connect to your contacts in the same network. Presto!

You will be paying less as you enjoy the perks and benefits of network freedom. 

Plus, you do not have to buy another phone to connect with different networks, services, and offers.

Resale Value

Another great aspect of using unlock codes is that it makes your used cell phone attractive to potential buyers.  

According to various online sites, unlocking your cell phone will result in an appraisal of its value by as much as three hundred percent.

Better mobile engagement

One of the reasons why mobile networks lock their phones is to prevent their customers from installing applications.  

Mobile unlocking opens many doors with regard to installing mobile applications.

The Risks of Mobile Phone Unlocking

Cell Phone Unlocking with virtually no risk. 

Legal coverage of SIM unlocking has been liberalized and some countries even mandate phone companies to cell unlock phones. 

Thus, you can actually unlock your cell phone with the unlock code your network provider gives you.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. Here is how to unlock your Samsung:

  1. Enter this code in your phone *#06#
  2. This will bring up the phone’s unique IMEI number
  3. Make a note of this number and forward it to us, together with a valid e-mail address and the make and model of your phone
  4. We will contact you with your MEP unlock code, and clear simple instructions on how to complete your Cell Phone Unlocking.

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