What’s New In iOS 7 Beta 2 Review! (Where’s The Substance?)

With the iOS 7 Beta 2 Review still hot of the press just a fortnight after it’s prequel, the new iOS 7 now has a version for iPad and iPad Mini users, so as not to leave them feeling left out.

Whilst Apple has vowed to address some of the bugs, the new operating system also has a range of additional features and changes to the system itself.

However, as is so often the case with the world’s leading device manufacturer, the changes are subtle and nothing to get overly excited about, as we found out during our review of the new iOS 7, with just the odd area being slightly more user friendly.

Avatar me

One of the more fun upgrades takes place in the messaging app, whereby you can now have avatars when you partake in group messages.

However, whilst this is fun, the question is, how often do most users get involved in such large group messages that an avatar is essential to ensure that they don’t lose track of who is messaging?

Great for teens though.

Sex change

Another small change comes in the shape of the voice gender option, which is available in Siri.

Whereas before, there was only the female voice available, now you can change to a male, should you so desire.

Personally speaking, it’s not really an issue to me, but if you have a touch of the misogynist about you, this could be a deal-breaker!

Listen to yourself

Another new addition means that you can now record your own voice when making voice memos.

There is also a fun bar that looks like its recording your vital signs, or performing a polygraph test that changes when you shout, or your tone changes dramatically.

Why not tell your friends it is a lie detector and ask them to speak into it whilst asking awkward questions?


The media controls have had some subtle changes in appearance, but nothing to write home about and the iTunes display has also seen changes that allow improved on-screen controls.

The reminders application has a new look, with a little clock in the corner, but again, nothing ground-breaking.

The calendar app now allows you to scroll directly through the months but again, doesn’t seem to have much else to excite.

Noting new to see here, move along

The bottom line is there is nothing of any substance to report with regards to the latest beta version of iOS7.

However, the chances are there will be a few more updates to come, so you never know what is in the pipeline. 

But it seems that Apple has missed a major opportunity here, all the work and effort, and cost that went into designing a new and unique look for the iPhone seems to have been jettisoned.

Apple is only too aware of how sensitive its fanboys are to any change in the interface of the precious iPhone, so that makes it even more surprising that they have taken such a radical step away from the classic design.

No doubt when the operating system is launched officially in September.

There will be a hue and cry from the fan base.

It reminds me of the launch of classic Coca-Cola.

By December, will Apple have rolled back to a fresher-looking IOS6 . Only time will tell.