What are the best Mobile phone deals in the USA

what are the best USA Cell Plans
what are the best USA Cell Plans

In these times of austerity many people are wondering what are the best Mobile phone deals in the USA for me? In recent years the advancements in mobile technology have meant that consumers can now buy a smartphone and use it for a variety of different fun activities. While you can still use your phone for calling and messaging. There are millions of apps which will allow you to use your phone to help you keep fit, cook dinner and organise your work load.

Phones need data plans

As well as online gaming, iTunes and Google Play also have a huge variety of games to pay ensuring that anyone with a smartphone to hand will never be bored again, whether they are on a plane, train or sat in the dentist’s waiting room.

As well as downloading movies and music, you can also watch live streaming media ranging from TV shows to sporting events as well. This makes the choice of smartphone and the plan you go for all the more important as what you use your phone for, can greatly impact your monthly bill.

The 4 best phones on the market today are probably the Apple iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z.

With that in mind we have put together a list of 4 different option available should you decide to buy one of these superb phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Ting S Monthly plan $9:

This is one of the cheapest plans around for the Galaxy but you will have to pay $596 upfront. You get 100 minutes and you pay extra for everything else. Not a bad option for those who like to use their phone for the odd call and playing music through. However, the dollars can really mount up if you decide to start playing around on the net.

Apple iPhone 5 Virgin Beyond Talk $35:

This monthly plan is very good when you consider that you get unlimited data. The 300 minute allowance should be sufficient for most users, however, if you are the type who likes to stalk your girlfriend, maybe you should look again. There is also a $549 upfront fee to consider as well.

Sony Xperia Z Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text & 500 MB of data $50:

The upfront fee is $499 but you do get unlimited calls and messaging. This is perfect for the traditionalists among you as it you can call and text as often as you like. However, 500 MB of data is about enough to download the extras from Lord of the Rings so not a good option for those of you who like to spend your time on the net or downloading.

HTC One T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited Talk, Text and unlimited 4G data $70:

The upfront fee is $599 but with this plan you get the lot. Sit back, charge her up and call, text and play on the internet until your heart is content. With this plan there will be no need to leave the house or to spend time doing anything else at all.

Getting fed up with your carriers poor customer service, patchy coverage an sky high bills, need to know what the best prepaid plans on the top smartphones. Smartphone technology seems to be moving forward at a pace that we can barely keep up with. So the best Mobile phone deals for you very much depend on what you calling profile is. Take some time to example your calling, texting and calling pattern and choose a package that reflects your actual usage. You can use the WSJ’s Wireless Savings Calculator to see what package suits you best.