If You Thought You Couldn’t Unlock Your Mobile (Explained)

From the Samsung Galaxy series to the iPhone cell phone, unlocking has never been easier.

With all the online and bricks-and-mortar shops finding somebody to unlock your mobile has never been easier.

Despite what you may or may not have read on the internet, it’s simple and perfectly legal.

As long as you haven’t purchased your cell on or after the 26th January 2013 (US) and your phone isn’t barred for any reason, such as an unpaid bill, you’re free to go right ahead.

But your carrier is not going to simply unlock your mobile and bid you farewell as you trot into the sun set to another operator.

They will throw up as many obstacles and hoops for you to jump through, and at the end of the process may force you to pay hundreds of dollars before they hand over your unlock code.

What are the risks of Unlocking your Mobile?

The first rule with cell phone unlocking is very simple, use a reputable online service that can assist you correctly.

As you are reading this, it’s fair to assume that you are going to do just that, so no need to look anywhere else.

Before you unlock your mobile check out who you are paying your money to.

PayPal is an efficient way to pay and gives you much more protection as a customer than using a credit card.

The second thing to do is to keep your eyes open for hidden charges.

Many sites will unlock your mobile for an affordable fee, only to then charge ridiculous amounts for making a call for the service, only to leave you paying way too much.

There is also no need to pay a very high fee, as it is a straightforward procedure.

So, without further ado, here are instructions on exactly how to unlock your cell phone.

  • First of all, you will need your phone switched on in front of you.
  • Assuming you have already done this, the next step is to enter the following code on to your keypad *#06#
  • If you have done this correctly, you should now be reading your IMEI number. It’s easy to spot and will be around 15 to 17 characters long. If you can’t see it, return to the main screen and start again.
  • Once you have the IMEI number, make a note of it accurately and forward it to us along with your name, make and model of cell phone and your e-mail address. It’s vital to note this number down correctly as its unique to your phone.
  • We, being the experts that we are, will then forward you precise instructions on how to proceed and before you know it your phone will be unlocked.

Now you have an unlocked phone, all that remains is to take full advantage of it.

Change your network provider, opt for a different tariff.

You can even sell it online, as it will make a far more appealing offer now it isn’t tied to one network or another.

It’s also important to remember that should you take a vacation outside of the country, you can put a local SIM card in, so you’re not stuck paying crazy roaming prices.

How do I get the IMEI of my Cell phone?

Attention: Never take the IMEI number from the box or the sticker behind the back of the battery.

How to get the IMEI number for most phone models?

1. Turn ON the phone with an Authorized SIM Card.
2. Type *#06# and IMEI will appear.

How to obtain an IMEI number for Sprint and Verizon Blackberry?

1. Select Menu>Options>Status.
2. or
3. Menu>Options>Device>Status Information and IMEI will appear on the list

How to obtain an MEID number for SPC Code order?

1. Select Menu>Options>Status.
2. or
3. Menu>Options>Device>Status Information and MEID Dec will appear on the list. (Omit 268, we only need the last 15 digits number)

How to obtain IMEI for Verizon HTC (Including all CDMA/GSM dual HTC phone)?

1. Start>Settings>Phone> Networks
2. Change from Global to GSM only.
3. Go back to the home screen.
4. Type *#06# and Call key.

What is an Authorized SIM Card?

Authorised SIM Card is a SIM Card that comes with the original phone.

Example: AT&T SIM Card is an Authorised SIM Card for AT&T phone.

What is an Unauthorized SIM Card?

Unauthorized SIM Card is a SIM Card that does NOT come with the original phone. Example: AT&T SIM Card is an Unauthorized SIM Card for T-Mobile phone.