Unlock Virgin Mobile (No Software Needed)

Need to Unlock your Virgin Mobile? Need to find out what is unlocking?

When people talk about unlocking a Virgin Mobile phone, what they mean is disconnecting it from the Virgin Mobile network so that it can be used with any other provider’s network that is compatible with the phone.

The next question usually asked after, “What is unlocking?” is can you unlock cell phones for free? So how do you Unlock Virgin Mobile?

That’s where things get a little more complicated.

While it is possible that you can unlock cell phones for free, it is more likely that you will have to pay at least a small surcharge.

The reason for this is that Virgin Mobile may want to charge you a fee, or bill you an additional month in order to allow you to switch carriers.

Also, if they do not give you the unlock code associated with your specific phone’s IMEI number, you will need to purchase it from a third-party phone unlocking service.

It may sound like unlocking your cell phone is a difficult process but actually, the hard part is navigating the red tape of the cell phone service providers.

Actually unlocking your cell phone is straightforward and requires no more knowledge of programming the inner workings of a cell phone than placing a call does.

To start with, you’ll need to notify Virgin Mobile that you want to switch carriers.

If you’re just looking to add an international calling capability for an upcoming trip, but plan to keep Virgin Mobile as your home carrier, they may give you the unlock code for free.

If you want to switch carriers altogether, there will probably be a charge.

Next, if they did not give you the unlock code, you’ll need to contact a phone unlocking service with your cell phone make, model, country of use, and IMEI number.

For a small fee, they will send you an email containing your unlock code and unlocking instructions specific to your model of phone.

In general, however, these are the instructions you need to follow to unlock a Virgin Mobile phone.

  1. Turn your phone on.
  2. Enter the following string of characters on the keypad, as if you were placing a call: ##847446#
  3. You will be presented with the phone’s programming menu. Scroll down and select the option Activate Phone. Click OK.
  4. The phone will ask if you want to activate your phone now. Click Yes.
  5. The phone will then tell you to press Start to begin the activation process. Click Start then click OK.
  6. Your phone will display your 10-digit phone number. Write it down.
  7. Click Finished then click OK.
  8. The phone will automatically turn off then turn back on.

Your phone is now unlocked.

Once your Virgin Mobile phone is unlocked, you will be able to use it with the GSM carrier of your choice.

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  1. Good Evening ,
    I need sony ericsson xperia x 10 mini pro mobile country un lock code pls help me I am waiting for your reply Thank you

    Unlocking Customer Support

    Admin Response

    Hello there, sure, we can unlock that mobile phone, just place an order here and we will get your unlock code for your in sometimes as little as three minutes.

  2. i want to unlock a sony Ericson play

    Unlocking Customer Support

    Admin Reply

    Hi, sure, we can unlock that cell phone, just place an order here and we will get your sony Ericson play for you in sometimes as little as 2 minutes.

  3. I need to unlock my Samsung GT-E1150i Can you help please?

    Unlocking Customer Support

    Admin Answer

    Greetings, certainly, we can unlock that cellular phone, just place an order here and we will get your Samsung GT-E1150i for your in sometimes as little as ten minutes.

  4. xperia ray

    Unlocking Customer Support

    Admin Answer

    Hello there, yes, we can unlock that smartphone, simply just place an order here and we will get your Sony xperia ray for your in sometimes as little as 8 minutes.

  5. I have already a subcription which I am very satisfied with but I wanted to try other paycards in other countries and thats why I need a code. Its totally unfair when you pay for two years that you dont have this possibility. The company is not
    loosing money so its quite in its place for me to ignore them and proceed wih geting a code that solves all my problems. Its a shame that they dont have a code valid in all countries when they can get the money from the roaming.

  6. When I enter the number you said and it says “Requesting,” then it says “Request not completed.” I have an old and simple Nokia phone (don’t know model number, how do I find it?), and am with Virgin. What should I do? Thanks!

  7. Can you please send me an unlock code for nokia 6303 type is RM-443,Code is 0588177 and the IMEI is 351505/04/982394/4

    thanks in advance

  8. Like your website.
    I need a code for my Motorola W375, IMEI is 355838012887448
    Thanks for your help.

  9. Hi, have recently purchased a Nokia C3-01 that was originally on Virgin and am having a really difficult time getting it unlocked.
    Any help really appreciated
    IMEI 358306035081206

    Virgin say they need the original number (which I don’t have)


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