Unlock Verizon BlackBerry (Instantly)

Verizon used to offers a number of different BlackBerry phones as part of its service.

You could get the latest smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Torch, and BlackBerry Tour.

The Torch has a full touchscreen, while the others contain a screen at the top of the phone with an integrated keyboard below.

So read on and we will show you how to Unlock Verizon BlackBerry.

One thing they all have in common, however, is that they are locked to the Verizon network.

You might be wondering, why unlock a cell phone if I’m happy with Verizon’s service? There are two good reasons.

First, it gives you the option of using a less expensive local carrier or prepaid international credits rather than the more expensive Verizon international partner when traveling internationally.

Second, when it comes time to sell your phone and get a new one, you can get more money if you unlock the BlackBerry cell phone before it is sold.

Once I have my code how to I Unlock Verizon BlackBerry Instantly?

Why unlock a cell phone?

Here are the rest of the reasons.

There’s absolutely no risk to your phone.

You’re restoring your phone to the original, unlocked factory settings.

Your phone’s warranty will remain fully in effect. Your phone remains unlocked regardless of any new software rollouts to the phone.

That’s the why of it. But how does one go about unlocking a Verizon BlackBerry cell phone?

In order to unlock the BlackBerry cell phone, you will need a special phone to unlock code that is unique to your phone.

The phone unlock codes are tracked in a database based on cell phone IMEI numbers, so you will need to have your IMEI number on hand in order to get the correct unlock code.

Call up Verizon and ask to speak to the customer service representative who handles international phone use.

Explain that you want to use your BlackBerry with a prepaid international SIM card while traveling out of the country, and ask for their help getting the phone to unlock codes you need.

As long as you’ve been a good customer for at least three months, they should have no problem giving you the codes for free.

If you’re lucky, the customer service representative will walk you through the process of unlocking your BlackBerry.

It is somewhat complex since the menus and options change depending on which model phone you’re using.

Just follow these unlocking instructions.

The basic steps, however, will be as follows.

  1. From either the Options or Advanced Options menu, you will select the SIM Card option.
  2. Enter the characters MEPPD (or MEPD) to display the network lock.
  3. Enter the characters MEPP2 (or MEP2).
  4. Enter the unlock code.

After the code is accepted, you will be able to use your BlackBerry cell phone with other GSM networks. You’ll need a new SIM card that is associated with the network you choose to use, or a multi-network prepaid card.

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