Unlock Verizon Blackberry: instantly

How to Unlock Verizon Blackberry Cell phone
How to Unlock Verizon Blackberry Cell phone

Do you want to switch networks and what to How to Unlock Verizon Blackberry Cell phone Verzion are a long standing and reputable network service provider who have been round since the 1970s. They always keep up to date with all the latest phones on offer on today’s market,  including offering a vast range from the popular smartphone manufacturer Blackberry. BlackBerry have been offering smartphones since 1999 in some part of the world, but it is only in recent years that smartphones have become readily available to the general public due to price cuts and budget models being taken on by phone companies like Verizon. Research In Motion (RIM) are the brains behind the BlackBerry line of smartphones, and keep constant new models and updated versions coming out frequently.

BlackBerry devices are designed to be used as digital personal assistants, with the use of media players, high specification cameras, internet browsers and a vast amount of games and helpful apps available at your fingertips. One of their most popular selling points is their ability to send and receive email and instant messages via a secure internet connection and keep your data secure with on device encryption. They are also known amongst younger generations for their free instant messaging app BlackBerry Messenger, allowing anyone with a BlackBerry device to swap ‘pins’ and message for free via internet connection.

So How do I Unlock Verizon Blackberry Cell phone

One thing Blackerry smartphones on all networks have in common is the restrictions placed in them to prevent them being used on any other network than the one they were purchased on, in this case Verzion. But these restrictions are easily removed with an unlock code, and it can increase the resale value of the handset in addition to giving you more freedom to choose which network you want to be on.

To get the unlock code needed for your Blackberry, the first thing you should do is call and for it from Verizon. If you say that you are travelling abroad and want to use a local network whilst away then they will usually offer you the code for free.

If they don’t want to help, then you can always go through an independent reseller. These are websites who resell unlock codes to people who can’t get one through their network, and they charge a small fee for the code.

What do I do with my Verizon Blackberry unlock code?

One you have the unlock code needed, follow these steps to unlock your Blackberry:

1. Go into the Options menu (may be Advanced Options dependent on model) and select SIM card.

2. Enter ‘MEPPD’. This will bring up the network lock.

3. Enter ‘MEPP2’ followed by your unlock code.

Once the code is accepted your Blackberry is unlocked!


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