How to Unlock TMobile BlackBerry Curve [solved]

how to unlock a blackberry curve from T MobileThis is a tutorial on how to unlock your blackberry curve from T-Mobile. Our top tip is always buy your code from a reputable supplier. And remember if it looks too cheap then it probably is a scam. The T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve is part of the BlackBerry Curve line of entry-level smartphones, originally released in 2007. The newest T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve is the 9360 model, which contains significant feature enhancements over the early models, such as replacing the physical trackball which tended to fail over time with an optical trackball, nearly tripling the processor speed, and adding GPS and NFC capabilities, all while reducing the overall weight of the phone.

Network operators won’t give out and unlocking code without a struggle

One thing they didn’t change, however, is that the phone remains SIM locked, so that you cannot use the phone with carriers other than T-Mobile even though the phone is capable of working with any GSM network. You have to unlock the BlackBerry cell phone before it can use a network other than T-Mobile.

Phone unlocking is straightforward and legal

Phone unlocking is perfectly legal. The cell phone is manufactured unlocked, and Research In Motion added a SIM lock at the request of the carriers. By using phone unlock codes to unlock the cell phone you are merely restoring it to factory settings. It does not void your warranty, and the phone will remain unlocked even if Research In Motion rolls out new software to your phone. Unlocked phones also have higher resale values than ones that are still SIM locked. only provide unlocking calls from your manufacturer so you can trust them not to damage your phone

You can get the free codes for unlocking phones simply by asking T-Mobile for them, provided that you have been their customer for more than three months. Because the process to unlock a BlackBerry cell phone is somewhat complex, you may wish to stop into the local T-Mobile store and have them perform the phone unlocking for you.

Be careful of free calls that you find on the Internet some of can end up bricking your phone which means that your phone is worthless

If you do not have access to the free codes for unlocking phones, don’t worry. You can always purchase a SIM card from a different phone carrier and buy the phone unlock codes from a third party vendor online.

You can unlock your T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve by following these steps.

1. Power on your phone, and go to the home screen.

2. Press the Tools icon.

3. Press the Settings icon.

4. Scroll through the settings until you get to SIM Card. Select SIM Card.

5. The phone displays your phone number and SIM ID number.

6. Press the keys on your keypad associated with the letters MEPD. (You don’t need to hit keys multiple times to choose a specific letter – just press the key that shows that letter.)

7. The phone shows that network locking is active.

8. Press the keys on your keypad associated with the letters MEP then press and hold the Alt key while pressing the 2 key.

9. Enter the unlock code that you were given.

10. Press Enter.

11. Power off your phone, remove battery, reinstall battery, and then power it back on.

That’s all there is to unlocking your T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve! Now you can use your BlackBerry Curve with any GSM network. only provides safe unlocking codes that will not damage your phone. You can buy with peace of mind because we are verified by