Unlock Sony Ericsson K800: Behind The Scenes

The Sony Ericsson K800 is a line of cell phones introduces in 2006. The phones were released in different countries, with a different letter added to the base K800 designation depending on the country. So, for example, the K800i is the international phone, and the K800c is the phone released in China. The phones took advantage of the Sony Cyber Shot technology for the built in cameras, and also included a media player and basic web browser.

Since the K800 is a GSM phone, you can use it with any GSM network in the world. Before you can do that, however, you may need to unlock a SIM lock on your phone. Unlocking a K800 is simple to do. All you need is the mobile phone unlock code that is specific to your unique phone.

You can get this mobile phone unlock code from your cell phone service provider. Generally, they offer to look up an unlock code for a phone for free, so long as you are an active customer with a fully paid up account, you’ve had the phone for at least three and sometimes as much as twelve months, and they have not already looked up an unlock code for a phone for you within the past year.

If you bring the phone into your provider’s store, they may be willing to perform the phone unlocking service for you right there in the store. More frequently, they will direct you to a special service number you need to call or website you need to visit in order to provide the information about your phone. The information you will need to identify your unique phone is the IMEI number of the phone. This number is usually on a sticker inside the phone’s battery compartment, but if not, you can get the IMEI from your phone’s menu. (If you can’t find it in the menu, enter the following characters from the phone number entry, as if you were placing a call: *#06#)

You can also have a third party phone unlocking service look up your unlock code for you, but they will charge you for the service.

To unlock your K800, simply follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Remove your existing SIM card.

3. Power on your phone.

4. Press the left arrow key.

5. Press the * key twice.

6. Press the left arrow key.

7. The phone will ask you for a personalization code. Enter the unlock code you received.

That’s all there is to unlocking your K800 phone. You’ll need to put a SIM card back in before making calls, but you can now use a SIM card that is associated with any GSM network in the world.
 Unlock Sony Ericsson K800

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