Cellphone Unlocking Scam Guide (Explained)

If you’re worried about purchasing an unlock code over the net, don’t worry here is a guide that will help you get a good and genuine service.

There are some unlocking companies that scam customers or provide substandard service. 

Don’t be duped by cheap unlocking codes, it’s not possible to generate codes for a few dollars/euros.

If it looks too good to be true then it’s quite likely that it could be a scam.

Mobile operators like to recover the cost of the subsidy which they put into a contract phone, so if you see an unlock code for a few dollars then there’s a high probability that it’s a mobile unlocking scam.

Here is a list of mobile unlocking scammer sites you should avoid.

Cheap codes should raise alarm bells

If you visit a website and it’s offering cheap codes that you’ve not been able to find elsewhere, look closer at the website. 

In the small print or hidden away at the bottom of the order page may say something like “if we cannot obtain codes we will send you information on where you can get your phone unlocked”. 

So for the cheap price, you pay you are not actually getting a code, but just a document with instructions in it. 

This information is free on genuine websites like www.unlockphone.codes.

Further, if you visit a website offering very “cheap” codes, be careful because you may not get what you asked for or you may not get the support you need. 

This is because many cheap sites are automated, with no customer service agents available to help should you require it. 

These companies are more interested in churning out codes than with customer care. 

At www.unlockphone.codes our objective is to provide a complete unlocking service. We do not just provide you with an unlocking code, but we provide advice, easy-to-follow instructions and if you need it, expert help.

Only buy a genuine factory unlock code

There are many websites that will provide you with an unlock code, but the problem is that you will eventually find that it isn’t permanent and you will have to enter the unlock code every time you turn on and off your mobile phone. 

All codes at www.unlockphone.codes are permanent so once you have unlocked your phone it is locked for the life of the phone, regardless of how many times you update the operating system. 

Please read the websites’ terms and conditions before ordering to check if the code is permanent or not.

Can you get a refund with sending in the SWAT team?

If you order a code and the unlocking company cannot provide you with the unlock code for your phone, you should get a refund. 

At www.unlockphone.codes we will provide you with a full refund in the event that we cannot unlock your phone. 

Some companies instead of offering a full refund may force you to post your phone to them. 

This could be genuine and you get your mobile phone back unlocked or your phone could go missing in the post. 

If you do decide to post your phone, use special delivery but it is best to avoid sending it off in the first place. 

Alternatively, some unlocking companies may insist that you take the software option. 

This is a cheaper option for the unlocking companies but may require cables. 

Before ordering your code make sure that if they cannot provide the code, you’ll get a full refund.

Only choose a verified company like UnlockPhone.codes

So buyer beware and don’t fall for any mobile unlocking scam.

There are a few unlocking sites that switch their websites every few weeks or every few months and then disappear, taking your money and never providing any codes. 

This is typical of unlocking companies where you pay by a premium rate number, rather than Paypal or visa. 

At www.unlockphone.codes we accept Paypal or visa cards and we are VeriSign approved (Symantec). 

Always check the company’s terms and conditions fully and look for an active website with updating information.

You can trust us.

At www.unlockphone.codes we have a team of dedicated unlocking experts. 

We unlock thousands of models of mobile phones.

We offer you a safe, fast, and secure unlocking service. 

We don’t just provide you with an unlocking code, but we provide easy-to-follow instructions and if you need it, expert help.

We won’t take risks with your precious phone. 

If we cannot unlock your phone we will give you your money back.

Don’t trust your Mobile with anybody else, and don’t fall for the many mobile unlocking scams that is out there.