Unlocking Your Cell Phone:

Unlocking Your Cell Phone, how to do it and not damage your cell phone. Most cell phones and smart phones are locked to a network provider. In fact, almost all cell phones are sold with a plan from a network provider, and the phone can only be used within its respective provider.

Imagine being the seller and being able to completely avoid that by unlocking the phone yourself and then listing the item as “unlocked” allowing every buyer the opportunity to bid.

Hands holding cell phones
Long term contracts keeps cell phone users locked to  one service provider.

There are several ways companies lock their phones to provider networks. One common way is to issue mobile services that are restricted to a certain country (also known as mobile country code, or MCC), where a mobile service is limited to a certain territory and it cannot be accessed or utilized outside that territory.  Another method includes network codes installed by network providers to restrict unauthorized use (also known as mobile network code, or MNC).  During the contract period the user is tied up to the network provider, via a fixed postpaid plan to ensure that the client utilizes the service. Another way to limit service is via provision of a phone that is programmed to use a single SIM card. If the user attempts to use another SIM card in the phone it will not be recognized, and the service cannot be accessed.

Where to Find a Cell Phone Unlock Code

Many people confuse unlocking cell phones with what is known as “jail breaking.” The two are very different, yet the concept is similar – the ability to utilize unrestricted access to certain aspects of the phone. Unlocking cell phones requires a cell phone unlock code that is provided by the network provider in order to enable the use of the phone with any mobile service provider. Jail breaking, on the other hand, is modifying the firmware of Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad in order to utilize programs and applications that are otherwise inaccessible.

Is Phone Unblocking Legal?

It may sound like an unfair practice for network providers to restrict certain aspects of phone use, but it is a part of the deal that clients enter into with these cell phone service providers.  These contract plans makes cell phones cheaper because the long term contract is where most companies receive most of their revenue. Howeverphone unblocking is generally considered a legal practice, despite what seems to be a breach of contract between the parties involved. Unlocking means that the phone has been lost or stolen, we do not unlock blocked phones.

Where to Get Unlock Codes

There are some countries like the U.K. that do not have regulations regarding remote cell phone unlocking. The Office of Telecommunications declares that the country does not have a law that locks the SIM card to the phone. Although there are also no regulations that require providers to provide unlock codes, most companies do provide this service for a certain fee. In the United States there were very strict laws about SIM unlocking and it was initially deemed a criminal act.  However, some cases has cast doubt on the illlegality of unlocking cell phones.  It is now the consensus that phone owners have the right to do what they want with their phones.

Unlocking the phone means you can use any network on the market, allowing you to pick and choose based on price.

There has been no universal consensus with regards to the legality of unlocking cell phones, but mobile companies have addressed the issue by providing the means themselves of unlocking the phone, instead of leaving it to the user.