Unlock codes for Sony Ericsson Xperia x10

So you need to find a Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 unlock code but don’t really have much of an idea where to start?

There are a plethora of unlock code services online so it’s no surprise, it can be a confusing affair knowing where to begin.

However, the following guide should have you unlocked and using a SIM of your choice in a relatively short space of time.

The first place to start is with research and we would recommend that you carry this out on web-based mobile unlocking services.

Whilst you do have other options, these are not the safest and could result in a useless cell if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing, they are, for reference:

  • Mobile unlocking via your carrier – networks can and do give out unlock codes for the Xperia x10 but this is the most expensive and time-consuming method. Carriers would prefer to keep your business, if possible, and so don’t make the process as straightforward as it should be and also charge accordingly – this unlock code method will cost you in the region of €30-40.
  • Mobile unlock codes on forums and advice sites are useful if you’re confident in what you’re doing. However, they provide no guarantee and although they’re often free, you do risk ‘bricking’ your mobile.
  • Unlock code software and apps are also available but again carry a certain amount of risk unless sent to you by a reputable mobile unlocking service that provides you with a guarantee.

Whilst many of the above can be carried out with no problem at all, many people’s mobile phones are a personal device that they treasure. Using an unlock service or forums that carry any risk is therefore a bad idea, even if you have backed up all your precious data, it’s still not worth losing your cell altogether because you decided not to pay for a mobile unlocking service. In general, reputable companies online will charge an average of around €10 to perform a cell phone unlock, which let’s face it, is peanuts.

Before you go ahead and choose a supplier, read reviews and visit unlock forums in order to find the best services that are recommended by others. Once you have done this, have a look at the site to determine whether they are a good supplier.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does the company provide checkable contact details? Many companies don’t and still provide a perfectly acceptable service, but it’s wise to choose those that do in the event that something goes wrong.
  • Is the unlock code supplied via a telephone number that you have to call? If so, go elsewhere, suppliers who provide a premium rate number often end up costing a fortune.
  • Do the company offer any guarantee? This is vital should anything go wrong, you need to have some recourse.

Once you have established that your chosen company is reputable, all of the instructions will be clearly displayed on their website and you simply follow the steps, which should include providing your IMEI, country and network.

Once you have then paid the fee, an unlock code will be sent to you and you simply type it in and have an unlocked Xperia x10.

However, if your code doesn’t work the first time, contact the mobile unlock code supplier immediately and don’t attempt to repeatedly enter the code as this will result in a useless phone after just three attempts.