Unlock codes for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Obtaining a code to unlock Sony Xperia Play handsets is a pretty straightforward affair, completely legal and will free up your mobile so that it can be used on any network. This is especially useful if you’re going abroad soon as you can insert a local SIM which will save you a fortune in roaming charges.

Networks in some countries would prefer that you don’t get a mobile unlock code as they want to retain your business. Whilst they purport to lock cells because they provide handsets at a subsidised cost, carriers quickly recoup any money they have lost and in many countries it’s actually illegal to lock a mobile in the first place.

To unlock Sony Xperia Play, first read the below tips:

  • Carry out some research into mobile unlock services – whilst you can often obtain a code from the carrier, this is the most expensive and time consuming method so it’s best to research online mobile unlocking services by reading reviews and recommendations.
  • Once you have found some suppliers, check them out. Look for contact details and give them a ring to check that they’re genuine. Avoid services that provide you with a telephone number to call to retrieve the codes, these are generally premium rate numbers and cost a fortune.
  • Choose a service with a guarantee.
  • Find the IMEI on your phone by typing *#06# into the cell as if you are making a call, enter this onto the online form in the appropriate place.
  • Enter your network carrier and country onto the form and pay the fee.
  • You will be sent an unlock code and instructions on how to enter it into your mobile

You should now have an unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. If for any reason the code doesn’t work, then do not attempt to enter it repeatedly as this can damage your phone. In the event that the code doesn’t work, contact the supplier immediately.

Should you get a second faulty unlock code then this will have to be discussed with the supplier as if you enter a third unlock code that doesn’t work, your phone will become ‘bricked’ and useless.

A supplier should be able to guarantee that their service will work, without damaging your mobile, if they can’t do this with a guarantee that your cell will be replaced, then don’t use them

This is the reason that you need to carry out some initial research; as much as there are plenty of good unlocking cell services online, they are inevitably some unscrupulous services who are just looking to get you to part with your cash and may have disappeared by next week and popped up as a new website.

So when looking, ensure that you choose a mobile unlocking service that has been in business a number of years and has contact details which you can verify. Try to use a service that has been recommended to you and you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

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