Unlock codes for any mobile phone [guide to]

In order to unlock your mobile phone you don’t need to spend hours online tracking down experts who can do it for you or go looking for potentially complicated software. In fact, software that provides unlock codes for any mobile is rare and searching out and downloading it can be both frustrating and dangerous. This is because malware authors will package their malicious, virus infecting software with the most popular products that people search for, mobile unlocking software being one of them.

It’s entirely possible for you to unlock cell phones without software though, and much safer, by simply using a professional mobile unlocking service, a plethora of which can be found online. For this you don’t need any special software, cables or technical knowledge whatsoever.

Whilst you can find a lot of information online about how to ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ your phone, this is absolutely not necessary in order to legally and safely unlock your phone. Unlock codes work on any phone and the above processes are usually carried out in order to remove network branding from a cell or to install third-party software

Is unlocking difficult?

Unlocking your mobile doesn’t need any of this, nor any specialist knowledge, it’s a very simple process providing you use a reputable supplier. Of course, you can find free unlock codes online using mobile unlock forums, but this isn’t really your safest course of action as it doesn’t provide you with any guarantee and inputting the wrong unlock codes into your mobile too many times can result in a ‘bricked’ phone. This simply means that the phone has been hard-locked and is a fraud prevention measure put into place by the manufacturer.

Unlock codes for any mobile phone, where will I get one?

In order to find a decent unlock code provider, you should first carry out the following:cell unlock codes

  • Hit eBay and look through the feedback on some of the unlock code suppliers who sell their services on the auction site. You don’t have to use eBay if you don’t want to, many of the suppliers also have websites, but it’s a good way to find out what others are saying about a supplier.
  • Check that the unlock code provider offers a full, money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong.
  • Make sure that you don’t have to call a number in order to retrieve the cell unlock code – these are usually premium rate numbers and calls tend to last 5 minutes or so, as such it will cost you a fortune.
  • Ensure that the supplier has transparent contact details in case you need to call them in the event something should go wrong.

Of course, you could also just call your network and ask them to provide you with an unlock code, although this will be your most expensive route. Unlock code providers generally charge anywhere from €5-25, depending on the kind of phone you have, whereas your network will charge anything from €25-40.

Once you have chosen a supplier, it’s then just a matter of providing them with the IMEI number of your cell (which can be found under the battery or by pressing *#06# on your keypad), your country and network and paying the fee. The unlock code will then be sent to you along with comprehensive instructions and that’s it, you have an unlocked cell phone.

This method works with any phone and is very straightforward, there really is no need to give yourself a headache trying different software and watching endless YouTube tutorials on how to root your cell before unlocking.


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