Unlock codes for Alcatel OT 806: here are the facts

If you have ever attempted to insert a SIM from another network into your Alcatel OT806 and it’s come up with an error, then your phone has been locked to one particular network. This is carried out by phone manufacturers on behalf of carriers, who provide subsidised handsets in order to garner business.

However, not only are you perfectly within your rights to unlock your mobile, it also increases the value of your handset and enables you to use any SIM from any network. This is especially useful for those who travel abroad a lot as it will mean that you can purchase a local SIM and avoid expensive roaming charges.

Whilst some networks may be willing to give you an unlock code, generally you will have to pay for this and it will be more expensive than if you were to use an online, remote mobile unlocking service. Carriers want to keep your business; this means they don’t always make it a simple process to receive an unlock code, although some are more accommodating than others.

If your handset is on a contract and less than 12 months old, then it’s unlikely that your carrier will provide an unlock code, but if you have an older contract or if your handset is on PAYG, then they are required to provide you with an unlock code, although not by law in some countries.Alcatel OT860 unlock codes

However, obtaining an unlock code online is a simple affair, although we don’t recommend that you use any of the free unlock codes that are available on mobile unlock forums and so forth. This is purely because of the risk factor; if you’re supplied with an incorrect code that you enter repeatedly, then this could result in your phone being ‘hard locked’, which renders it useless.

To find an online supplier:

  • Visit mobile unlocking review sites and have a good read up on the good and bad services available
  • Check out unlock code suppliers on eBay and look at their feedback to determine if they’re a reputable service provider
  • Avoid services that ask you to call a number to retrieve your unlock code, these tend to be premium rate calls and will prove expensive
  • Make sure you check that mobile unlocking suppliers have transparent contact details on their site and provide a full guarantee

Once you have done this and found an unlock code provider:

  • Type *#06# into your handset and write down the 15-17 digit IMEI number that’s subsequently displayed on the screen – important, make absolutely sure that you write this down correctly or you will be given an incorrect code.
  • Give this number, your country and network to your supplier and pay the fee
  • Once you have received your code, power off your mobile and it insert an unaccepted SIM
  • Power back on and you will be asked for a network code
  • Type in the code, reboot the handset and you should now be the proud owner of an unlocked Alcatel OT806

It really is that simple and shouldn’t cost very much to have carried out. Prices for unlock codes vary according to supplier and the methods they use but this method tends to be the least expensive.

 Unlock codes for Alcatel OT 806

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