Unlock codes for Alcatel OT 806 -the facts

Do you need an Unlock code for an Alcatel OT 806? yes! well read on. The Alcatel OT 806 is one of the popular released from Alcatel-Lucent, and is part of their One Touch smartphone range. The OT 806 boasts attractive features including a QWERTY keypad,  2 megapixel camera, email messaging services and WIFI connectivity capabilities to name but a few, not to mention its reasonable price, meaning it’s the perfect smartphone for any budget.

 Where to get an Unlock codes for Alcatel OT 806 Smartphone
Where to get an Unlock codes for Alcatel OT 806 Smartphone

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So with smartphones being so popular but often expensive these days, it is not surprising at all that people are wanting to get their hands on the Alcatel OT 806 smartphone on their network and often before contracts are up. And unlocking your OT 806 has never been easier. All you need is some simple mobile unlocking instructions, and an unlock code to remove the restrictions placed on the handset to prevent you from switching network service providers.

There are a number of ways you can go about the gaining the unlock code for your Alcatel OT 806 mobile phone. The first route involves contacting your network service provider, and asking them to do it for you or to give you the unlock code. This usually costs between nothing and £20, and is the safest way to go about unlocking your Alcatel OT 806 as your network will provide support throughout and aftercare services.

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If you don’t want to pay £20 to your network service provider, there is the option of using a service or independent high street store that will do anything from providing you with an unlock code to going through the whole process for you. They usually cost on average £10 for the code and maybe a little more for the full unlocking service. But beware as they could provide you with a false code or the mobile unlock may not work but they will most likely still charge you.

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If you don’t want to spend any money, try using one of the free and helpful unlocking guides found on either forums or technology websites. Sometimes if you have no clue about technology or mobile phones, attempting to do it yourself could cause more harm than it is worth. But these unlocking guides are free, so there is no harm in having a look at a few before making a decision.

Unlock code for an Alcatel OT 806 is easy.

Once you have obtained your unlock code for your Alcatel OT 806 smartphone hanset, it’s time to remove the restrictions. First, insert an unnaccepted sim card into the handset, i.e. one that is not provided by the network service provider that the phone is locked to. Switch the phone back on and you should see a message similar to ‘enter network key’. This is prompting you to enter the unlock code. Once the code has been entered into the phone and accepted, the phone should be unlocked. If there are any issues with the unlock code, contact your network service provider or the source of the unlock code.