Unlock Codes For Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (LT15)

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (LT15) was released in 2011 and is one of the popular Xperia range of Android smartphones from Sony Ericsson.

It boasts a sleek curved design and vivid display, as well as high definition video and image capturing no matter what lighting you have.

The Xperia Arc with all its features is a sought-after smartphone on any network, but one feature it doesn’t have is the ability to be used on your network of choice.

But that can easily be changed with the use of a simple unlock code and a new SIM card provided by a network other than the one the phone has been locked to.

To get the unlock code you need for your Xperia Arc you should first try asking your network service provider.

If you have been a customer of theirs for a while they may offer you the unlock code for free, and may even do the unlocking for you if you visit one of their stores.

This isn’t always the case though, so be prepared to be asked to pay anything up to $25/£20 for the unlock code.

It is a small price to pay to know the code is a trusted one that will not damage your phone.

If you don’t want to go through your network, you can always go through an independent phone unlocking service either via one of many websites that can email codes for around $15/£10 a piece, or a high street unlock service that will probably do the whole unlocking process for you for around the same price.

Once you have got your hands on a new SIM card and the unlock code for your handset, it’s time to unlock your phone! Insert the new SIM and switch your phone back on.

It should show a message similar to ‘SIM unlock PIN’, which is basically asking you for the unlock code. So enter the code you have, and your phone should be unlocked!

If you have any issues contact your network service provider or the source for your unlock code.

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  1. Hi, ive tried several different phone unlock companies to get a simlock code for my XPERIA J…however none of them have been able to give me a code & they have had to refund my money. Can u help me please. my phone details are: XPERIA J (ST26i) , IMEI- 355465051939714, ORANGE
    Many thanx, i will leave u 100% positive feedback everywhere if u can help me, Jo :)

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