Unlock codes for a Samsung Nexus S : the exact steps

The Nexus S is the result of the collaboration between Google and Samsung. It resulted in an Android smartphone, much like the original HTC Nexus One, the spawn of Google’s first endeavor into the smartphone world.

It hosts Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display, 16 GB of internal memory although no room for expansion on the memory part, a 1Ghz Hummingbird processor and NFC chip allowing you to make purchases directly using your handset.

One feature it lacks is the ability to be used on any given network due to the SIM lock placed on it by the network it was commissioned by.

But this can easily be changed with a simple unlock code, some exact steps and a new SIM card (not from the current provider the phone is locked to).

To get the unlock code needed for your specific handset, you can try asking your network service provider.

For long term customers they will often give the code out, at times for free or for a fee of up to £20, and if you take it into your local store they may even do the unlocking for you.

Where will I get Unlock codes for a Samsung Nexus S

If your network provider is unwilling to give out the unlock code, or if you think the fee they are asking is too steep, then you could try one of the cheaper independent unlocking services, found over the internet and often on most high streets.

The best way to seek out the most reputable and trustworthy ones is through free and helpful mobile unlocking forums, where there will usually be recommendations from real people who have tried and tested their services.

Once you have the unlock code and have purchased a new SIM card its time to unlock your handset.

To do so, insert the new SIM card and switch on the handset. You should be asked to input some form of ‘PIN’, ‘Code’, ‘Password’ or something similar, and this is referring you the unlock code you have.

Input the unlock code, and your phone is unlocked! If there are any issues contact your network service provider or the source of the unlock code.