Unlock Codes For A HTC Wildfire (Solved)

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HTC Wildfire unlock codes are easy enough to come across if your handset is more than three months old; manufacturers for HTC don’t release the codes before then so if your cell is very new, it’s unlikely that you will be able to find an unlock code for it.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the HTC Wildfire that you bought last week is less than three months old, as suppliers often carry a large stock that lasts some time.

If you’re in doubt as to the age of your cell, call HTC or your carrier and they will be able to provide you with the necessary information based on the IMEI number of your cell.

Make sure to correctly take down the IMEI number, as if this is incorrect, then your unlock code won’t work

The IMEI is often found underneath a phone’s battery or can be displayed on-screen by pressing *#06# and is always a 15-17 digit number.

If your cell is capable of being unlocked, your first point of call is the network.

Call them up and ask them to release an HTC Wildfire unlock code; they will charge you more than online unlocking services for this and they may not want to cooperate fully, as they would prefer to keep your business.

However, this varies from company to company and you may find your carrier to be very helpful.

Follow these steps to get your unlocking called

Other courses of action for obtaining an unlock code for your HTC Wildfire include:

Mobile repair shops are unfortunately not as prevalent as they once were as the economy has forced many of them either online or out of business.

However, if there is one in your area then these are useful as you’re dealing with someone face-to-face and have the best chance of getting your money back if something goes wrong.

You can get an unlock code for free, and remember, you get what you pay for, they may end up damaging your phone

Free mobile unlock codes can be found online, if you’re lucky enough to, first of all, find someone who is willing to supply the code and secondly, get the correct unlock code.

Whilst there are plenty of people online who are more than willing to help others, there are also some who enjoy mischief and will maliciously supply an incorrect code.

Choose www.unlockphone.codes as your course provider because we only provide calls from your handset manufacturer which means they won’t damage your phone

The other two options are therefore your best course of action for obtaining an unlock code with the least hassle.

eBay is great as you have the option of looking through a mobile unlock code supplier’s feedback before parting with your cash, but there are also plenty of reputable sites that provide the service.

When searching for a cell unlocking supplier, ensure that you check they have transparent contact details and don’t ask you to call them in order to obtain your unlock code.

This is because these are often premium rate lines that force you to stay on the line for a number of minutes before supplying your unlock code; this can become very expensive and should be avoided.

Make sure to give the correct details to your unlocking provider

Once you have settled on a supplier, it’s then just a case of supplying your IMEI (press *#06# and it will be displayed on screen), your country and network, and paying the fee, which can be anything from $5-20.

Once you have done this, you will receive your unlock code along with instructions on how to unlock HTC Wildfire phones, and voila, you have a phone that can now be used on any GSM network in the world.

www.UnlockPhone.codes is one of the most professional and respected unlocking companies in the industry

We are verified by semantic.com, which means that you can trust us to provide you a reliable service backup support, should you need it, and, as are our codes from the manufacturer you can rest assured that they won’t damage your phone or in any way affect your warranty.


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