Unlock codes for a HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio

 The HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audiogets its name from its larger than average handset size compared with other smartphones in the HTC Sensation range. The addition of the highly acclaimed Beats Audio system, as well as the urBeats earphones and iBeats headphones help make it a popular choice among music lovers, and the XL display makes it a sure hit with those who enjoy watching movies and TV on the go. The HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio allows you to download and view wide-screen movies on the go without compromising on the visual or audio.

But why do you need to unlock your mobile phone? Because most network service providers request that the handset manufacturer place a SIM lock on the phone, to prevent people from being easily able to switch service providers. But the reality is its far easier than they make out, and can not only give you the freedom to choose which network is best for you without sacrificing your handset, it also increases the resale price of the phone considerably, so when you do decide to let it go, you can get more money towards your upgrade!

How do I use my Unlock codes for a HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio?

There various ways to get your cell phone unlocked, but the easiest and best way to try first is to contact your network service provider. They are the ones who put the SIM lock there in the first place, so they are the best ones to help remove it. And if you have been a loyal customer of theirs for a while, the chances are they will give you the unlock code for free, or even do the unlocking for you if you go in store.

If your service provider don’t want to help, there are other sources for the unlock code. Independent unlocking services can offer anything from the unlock code to the full unlocking process, and are usually readily available online and on your high street.

Where will I get my hands on an Unlock codes for a HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio?

You will also need to get hold of a new SIM card that is not accepted in the phone, i.e. one that isn’t on the network that the phone is locked to. Once you have this SIM card and your unlock code, insert the new SIM and switch your phone back on. You should see a message similar to ‘Enter Unlock Code’. This is prompting you to enter the code you earlier obtained. One the code is entered, the handset it unlocked! If there are any issues contact your network service provider or the source of your unlock code.


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