Unlock Codes For An HTC Sensation XE (Solution)

The HTC Sensation XE smartphone was released in 2011 and runs on the recent and innovative Android 2.3 Gingerbread software, allowing it to connect to 4G networks as opposed to the usual and slower 3G, and was the fastest Android smartphone in the world at its time of release.

It boasts a touch screen display and the capabilities to download and play wide-screen movies in HD and with high fidelity audio.

One feature it lacks however is the capability to be used on any mobile network due to restrictions placed on the phone at the time of manufacturing.

This is done to attempt to prevent you from switching from the network provider you purchase the phone from without having to let go of the excellent handset.

But the restrictions are easy, cheap, and legal to remove, all you need is a new SIM card from another provider other than the one the handset it locked to, and an unlock code for the handset.

So how do I get an Unlock codes for a HTC Sensation XE?

You can get a new SIM card on any network for next to nothing from most phone retailers, supermarkets, and the internet.

To get the unlock code for a HTC Sensation XE, the best thing to do is first ask the people who had it locked in the first place, your network service provider.

If you have been a long-standing customer of theirs the likelihood is they will offer it to you for free, and may even offer to do the unlock for you in one of their high street stores.

If your provider isn’t helpful or you don’t want to ask them, there are various other sources for the unlock code.

Most independent unlock code sellers can be found on the internet, and some may even operate on your high street.

You will have to pay a small fee to gain the unlock code this way, and it is a less reliable way to gain the code than if you went through your provider, that is why it is advised that you first ask your network.

Once you have your new SIM card and unlock code, its time to put them to use by following these simple instructions:

1. Remove your current SIM card and insert your new one into the handset.

2. Switch the phone back on and it should display a message similar to ‘GSM unlock code’ on your

3. Enter the unlock code you were given by your source or network

Once the code is accepted your phone is unlocked! If there are any issues contact your network service provider or the source for your unlock code.

You have now unlocked your HTC Sensation XE.

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