Unlock Codes For HTC Legend (Guide)

The HTC Legend is a smartphone running on Android software and was released in 2010 as a replacement for the HTC Hero.

It is smaller, smoother, and more responsive than its predecessor. The HTC Legend’s outer shell is made from one single uninterrupted sheet of aluminum. The battery can still be accessed and removed however through a compartment located on the bottom part of the phone. 

The Legend was originally shipped with Android 2.1 operating software, but as of November 2010, it began being shipped on Android 2.2 operating software. The specifications of this update are different with every country and network, as the networks customized the upgrade to suit their requirements.

This article will teach you what to do when you get an Unlock code for a HTC Legend mobile phone.

Something that hasn’t changed in the transition from Hero to Legend is the network restrictions.

There is still a SIM lock on the Legend to prevent it from being used on any other network than the one it is purchased on. However, this is cheaply, easily, and legally changeable with the simple use of an unlock code, a code specially created by the manufacturers at the time of locking to remove the restrictions.

The manufacturer’s unlock codes can be obtained from www.UnlockPhone.codes

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You will also need a new SIM card, one that is not currently accepted by your handset.

Once you have the new SIM card and unlock code, you are ready to proceed with the unlock process:

When you get your Unlock codes for a HTC Legend here’s what to do:

  1. Switch off your phone, and insert the new SIM card in the place of the current one.
  2. Switch the phone back on and you should receive a message similar to ‘Enter SIM unlock code’.
  3. Enter the unlock code you earlier obtained.

And there you have it, your phone is unlocked and can now be used on any network!