Unlock codes for a HTC Hero [a guide]

Unlock Codes for a HTC HERO
Unlock Codes for a HTC HERO


The HTC Hero, first released in 2009, is an Android smartphone from popular manufacturers HTC. The Hero is aimed at social media users Geared toward social media users as it boasts an array of apps that allow you to access all social media platforms quickly, easily, and most importantly for today’s fast paced lifestyles, on the go. So read on and we will reveal how to get an Unlock codes for a HTC Hero.

One feature it lacks however it the capability to be used on any network. Most mobile phones today will come with a SIM lock at the request of the network, to prevent people from changing provider. They make it out to be something that cannot be modified, but the reality is its easy, fast and cheap to do, and will not only allow you to choose from an array of deals on any network, it will also up the resale value for when you do decide to change handsets.

Where can I get an Unlock codes for a HTC Hero?

To unlock your handset, you will need an unaccepted SIM card (not provided by the network the handset is currently locked to), an unlock code and some simple instructions. The unlock code can usually be obtained by simply contacting your network provider. If you have been with your network for a long time they are likely to offer you the unlock code free of charge.

If your network isn’t willing to give you the code, you can get it cheap from an independent unlocking service either online or on the high street. You simply give them the IMEI (serial) number for your handset and they return an unlock code for you instantly.

Here is how to use your Unlock codes for a HTC Hero

Once you have your new SIM card and unlock code, its time to unlock your HTC Hero. Insert the new SIM card into the handset and switch it on. You should be met with a message similar to ‘Enter SIM unlock PIN’, which is prompting you to enter the unlock code you obtained. Once you have entered the code, the phone is unlocked! If you have any issues contact your network service provider or the source of your unlock code.


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