Unlock codes for a HTC G2: insider discoveries

Need to get an unlocking code for your HTC G2? Great, this article informs you of where to get one and how to use it. The HTC G2 was rebranded in the UK in order for T-Mobile to cash in on the success of its predecessor, the G1, and is really just a HTC Hero with some slight (cosmetic mostly) modifications. It was originally going to be launched as the G1 Touch, according to the T-Mobile Twitter feed, but this didn’t last long and eventually the network settled on G2.

Relying on your Mobile Operator for an Unlock code can be a risky business

The easiest way to get your HTC G2 unlocked is to simply call up T-Mobile and ask them for an unlock code. However, on contract phones, this will require you to have had the handset for a minimum of 3 months and not to have missed a payment in that time. In some cases, we have heard of T-Mobile giving out unlock codes for free, but this isn’t guaranteed as at this stage it’s little more than a rumor.

There is a lot easier and cheaper route to get an unlocking code fro your HTC G2

However, this isn’t the only unlocking route that you can take; there’s also the option of using a local mobile repair shop, although there are not as many of these around as there used to be. And they could brick your phone if they don’t know what they are doing, but you won’t know until it’s too late. Your other option is to use an online remote cell unlock service, of which there are a huge amount around.

How do I choose an unlock code supplier and How do i know which one to trust?

The first thing to do is sort the wheat from the chaff, as it were. To do this, check the following before you part with any cash.

  • You’re not required to call a premium rate number in order to retrieve your unlock code, these can get very pricey.
  • The remote mobile unlocking service has transparent contact details.Ho to unlock a HTC G2 with an unlocking code
  • What others are saying – check out mobile unlock forums and even eBay, which can be a great resource for finding out what others are saying about a company.
  • A full guarantee is offered in the event that the unlock code doesn’t work.

Once you have done this, settle on your supplier and supply them with your phone’s IMEI number, the country you’re in and the network your phone is currently locked to. You can retrieve the IMEI by keying *#06# into your mobile and a 15-17 digit number will be displayed, this is the IMEI which should be copied down accurately.

Then it’s just a case of paying the fee (which range from pennies up to around €25) and receiving your code, along with the unlock instructions, which should be as below:

  1. Insert an unaccepted SIM into the cell
  2. Power on and you will be prompted for a passcode or unlock code
  3. Enter the code you’ve received from your unlock code supplier
  4. Reboot the phone

Unlock.my will unlock your G2 or your mobey back

That should now leave you with an unlocked HTC G2. If your unlock code isn’t accepted then do call your supplier immediately as repeatedly entering a wrong code could damage your phone. If you find, as sometimes happens, that your handset has frozen after unlocking, then remove the battery and reboot, this should solve the problem.
Get an Unlock code for a HTC G2 here

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